Rodion Hodovanschi

Real Name:
Rodion Hodovanschi
Romanian singer famous during 1950 - 1960
☆ July 8th 1927, Rădăuți, Suceava County, România
✞ March 15, 2013, Germany from pulmonary cancer
1952 - debuted and impressed with his bass vocals, at “Constantin Tănase” Theater in “Concertul Popoarelor” show directed by composer Henri Mălineanu.
Debut song was “Clopotele” (“Wenn Die Abendglocken Läuten”) by swiss composer Jean Villard.
Was part of romanian police ensemble “Ansamblul Direcției Generale a Miliției” and “Ansamblul Rapsodia Română”
Worked 2 years at Electrecord factory.
In 1980's emigrated to Germany.
In Groups: