Real Name:
Raffaele Riefoli
Italian singer and songwriter, born 29 September 1959 in Margherita di Savoia, Italy.

He is the author of the original version of "Self Control", very popular for the remake made by producers Robbie Buchanan and Harold Faltermeyer and singer Laura Branigan. The original composers are credited on her record for the original music, but not for the words (only the English translator is named).

In Germany, during the 80s, the name was changed to RAFF, eluding the German RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion) terror cell.
RAF (5) - Raf album art Raf (5) Raf (Album) Carrere France 1984 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Self Control album art RAF (5) Self Control (Comp, Album) Carrere, CGD Italy 1987 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Svegliarsi Un Anno Fa album art Raf (5) Svegliarsi Un Anno Fa (Album) CGD Italy 1988 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Cosa Resterà... album art Raf (5) Cosa Resterà... (Album) CGD Italy 1989 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Sogni... È Tutto Quello Che C'È album art Raf (5) Sogni... È Tutto Quello Che C'È (Album) CGD Italy 1991 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Raf (En Español) album art Raf (5) Raf (En Español) (Album, Comp) CGD Chile 1992 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Cannibali album art Raf (5) Cannibali (Album) CGD Europe 1993 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Manifesto album art RAF (5) Manifesto (Album) CGD, CGD Italy 1995 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - La Prova album art RAF (5) La Prova (Album) CGD East West Germany 1998 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Iperbole album art RAF (5) Iperbole (Album) CGD East West Italy 2001 Sell This Version
5050467242722 RAF (5) - Ouch album art Raf (5) Ouch(CD, Album) CGD East West 5050467242722 Italy 2004 Sell This Version
RAF (5) - Passeggeri Distratti album art RAF (5) Passeggeri Distratti (Album) Columbia Europe 2006 Sell This Version
88697365732 RAF (5) - Metamorfosi album art RAF (5) Metamorfosi(CD, Album) Columbia, Sony BMG Music Entertainment 88697365732 Italy 2008 Sell This Version
886975634422 RAF (5) - Soundview album art RAF (5) Soundview(CD + DVD-V) Sony Music 886975634422 Italy 2009 Sell This Version
88697907242 RAF (5) - Numeri album art Raf (5) Numeri(CD, Album) Sony Music 88697907242 Italy 2011 Sell This Version
0602547433725 RAF (5) - Sono Io album art RAF (5) Sono Io(CD, Album) Universal 0602547433725 Europe 2015 Sell This Version

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