Ognjen Savija

Ognjen Savija

Real Name:
Ognjen Savija
Ognjen Šavija:

Member of Cultural Association Ambrosia.
Guitar player, musician, composer, producer, sound designer, multimedia artist & DJ – the explorer of Infinity and its possibilities.
Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1971.

He has taken classical guitar lessons from Mile Praljak.
Simultaneously, he has worked with electronics and audio engineering, and has studied several other music instruments.
1986, together with his brother Nebojša Šavija-Valha, he started experimenting with music and sound within contemporary music, new age, experimental, avant-grade jazz and ambient (See Ognjen Savija and Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo).
At the same time he has played with several alternative rock bands.

1991-1996 he was a leader of a goth rock band the Invisible Fields.
During 1993, together with his brother, he developed an audio-visual project “Twilight Whisper” that was performed at the beginning of 1994 involving several more people. The project was a milestone for his future work. Soon after, they recorded music for a feature film “Mladi muzi poznavaji svet” directed by Radim Spacek in production of the Czech Television.
Together with several people he was a founding member of a Cultural Association “Ambrosia”, which was established at the end of 1994. He has participated in over 100 different art projects done by the association in following years.
At the same. time he has been playing with acid jazz band “Fabrizzio Und His Friends” latter renamed as “Kaiten“. The band opened the 1st Sarajevo Jazz Fest

During mid 90ies he started projects in electronic music and have developed the Ambrosia Musica projects, AAM and Techno Experimental Sound System.
At the same time he has been working in a lot of different solo music projects (techno, breakbeat, ambient, experimental).
Since 2002 he has been taking part in a project Echogenik and from 2007 in the project Akreditacija and MC Dijamant.
In 2009, together with several people, he formed an ensemble Liminalit.
The basic idea of Liminalit is broadening of boundaries in all directions by playing with arrangements, rhythms, melodies, etc, which are all freed of strict genres; it is also an exploration of sound potentials. With Liminalit he performed on two big international festivals – Exit 2010 and Solstice 2011.
In the last 3 years he has simultaneously been working with Liminalit and in a lot of new Ambrosia projects like “Pasivni pusaci”, “Fact off”, etc. and also cooperating with many artists on different projects and working some solo projects.


Ognjen Savija Discography


7AM 006 Ognjen Savija The Past Of The Future(CDr, Album) Ambrosia Musica 7AM 006 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2007 Sell This Version
SAM 002 Ognjen Savija Transferring(CDr, Album) Ambrosia Musica SAM 002 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2009 Sell This Version
BH - 7AM 008 Ognjen Savija Interference(CDr, Album) Ambrosia Musica BH - 7AM 008 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2009 Sell This Version


FD 7-1 Igor Banjac, Ognjen Savija and Elvir Sahic Track 1 Ognjen Savija and Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo Track 2 Ognjen Savija Igor Banjac, Ognjen Savija and Elvir Sahic Track 1 Ognjen Savija and Nebojsa Savija-Valha duo Track 2 Ognjen Savija - Fandium 7-1(CDr, Comp) Ambrosia Musica FD 7-1 Bosnia & Herzegovina 2009 Sell This Version