The Grateful Dead Champco

April 5, 2018
Ok Not a Dead head never was never could be but I, as many, have heard them over the years. I did buy one of their albums in the mid/late 70's when it came out. Steal Your Face. I had heard lots of their stuff played here and there but was not buying it. Some songs i really did like. So after going thru all the music I picked in a garage sale, i am just now playing Workingman's Dead.
ok All the stuff I do like is on this album. It's a keeper... never too old to learn

The Grateful Dead reisteter.joel

June 5, 2018
Steal Your Face is a very weak release. The (still) running joke is *Steal Your Money*. It was a rip-off. If you bought Blues For Allah, the previous release, you'd more than likely be a Dead Head after listening to that studio recording, or just a "committed casual fan." The best live recordings are the Dick's Picks, Road Trips and the current Dave's Picks series. The live recordings from the late '60's and most of the '70's are the ones you should look for.

The Grateful Dead element-apart

December 9, 2017
Wow...GD blocked the sale of all the bootlegs. What a shame since its the only thing really worth collecting besides the new live Rhino releases

The Grateful Dead Gift79

January 23, 2018
Discogs blocked the sale of all bootlegs, Grateful Dead didn't do this discogs did. As discogs systematically takes down all bootlegs you can occasionally find one that they haven't gotten around to blocking yet, but this is a general discogs policy and all bootlegs are being blocked from sale on the site.

The Grateful Dead heelsss

December 13, 2017
I noticed they blocked the sale of most bootlegs, I was just looking at a Television bootleg from my collection and came here for more info and it said the sales on the LP were blocked... wonder what initiated the crackdown

The Grateful Dead heelsss

November 13, 2017
Im feeling pretty grateful for this years releases- GSTL, The Daves Picks Releases (especially #23&24), and now this RFK '89 Box... So killer.

The Grateful Dead Nerfys

December 27, 2013
Hey now ! To paraphrase (kinda) that nut job Pelosi from SF; " You've got to drink the find out what's in it ! "

The Grateful Dead devotown

September 30, 2017
This is a forum about the love of music. Stupid comments like yours are not welcome.

The Grateful Dead artoj

November 23, 2013
Hey does anyone know if there is a version of Franklin's Tower released on vinyl that is longer than 6mins (possibly a live version)? Heard it played recently but cant track it down, help would be greatly appreciated!

The Grateful Dead doctor.f.alias

May 24, 2016
Without A Net has a version greater than 10 mins. So does One From The Vault. Both available in vinyl

The Grateful Dead sleepingiant

August 20, 2014
There are vinyl releases of One From The Vault, both bootleg and official, though I can't say if its longer than 6 mins. Seems as though I remembered that one being kinda on the long side.

The Grateful Dead gibby660

November 29, 2013
Also could be Dicks Picks Vol. 3, One From the Vault, probably a couple other versions on vinyl

The Grateful Dead lstookey

October 30, 2012
Sadly, there is much ignorance and misinformation in this world. For example, did you know after Jerry's coma in the mid 80s he had to be taught to pretty much do everything all over again. He could not play music. He had to have Merl Sauners teach him again. So after the coma, he's pretty much a new musician trying to measure up to his old self. Pretty damn tough by any measure. Those of you listening to studio material and judging the band are making a huge error. The Dead are not a studio band. Never have been and never will be. Best band in the history of rock and roll IMHO. Jerry Garcia was a amazing musician. It became a question of getting him interested. He worked his ass off compared to most musicians. Those of you who want to put them down for drugs obviously were not around in the 60s.