The Dead

Real Name:
Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead was an American rock band (1965–1995) formed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Initially formed in 1964 as The Warlocks (4).

All members:
Jerry Garcia
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Bill Kreutzmann
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Mickey Hart
Tom Constanten
Keith Godchaux
Donna Jean Godchaux
Brent Mydland
Vince Welnick
Robert Hunter

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The Grateful Dead - Dylan & The Dead album art Dylan* & The Dead* Dylan* & The Dead* - Dylan & The Dead (Album) Columbia, Columbia US 1989 Sell This Version

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CSK 1447 The Grateful Dead - Slow Train album art Dylan* & The Dead* Dylan* & The Dead* - Slow Train(CD, Single, Promo) Columbia CSK 1447 US 1989 Sell This Version

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April 5, 2018
Ok Not a Dead head never was never could be but I, as many, have heard them over the years. I did buy one of their albums in the mid/late 70's when it came out. Steal Your Face. I had heard lots of their stuff played here and there but was not buying it. Some songs i really did like. So after going thru all the music I picked in a garage sale, i am just now playing Workingman's Dead.
ok All the stuff I do like is on this album. It's a keeper... never too old to learn


December 9, 2017
Wow...GD blocked the sale of all the bootlegs. What a shame since its the only thing really worth collecting besides the new live Rhino releases


November 13, 2017
Im feeling pretty grateful for this years releases- GSTL, The Daves Picks Releases (especially #23&24), and now this RFK '89 Box... So killer.


December 27, 2013
Hey now ! To paraphrase (kinda) that nut job Pelosi from SF; " You've got to drink the find out what's in it ! "


November 23, 2013
Hey does anyone know if there is a version of Franklin's Tower released on vinyl that is longer than 6mins (possibly a live version)? Heard it played recently but cant track it down, help would be greatly appreciated!


October 30, 2012
Sadly, there is much ignorance and misinformation in this world. For example, did you know after Jerry's coma in the mid 80s he had to be taught to pretty much do everything all over again. He could not play music. He had to have Merl Sauners teach him again. So after the coma, he's pretty much a new musician trying to measure up to his old self. Pretty damn tough by any measure. Those of you listening to studio material and judging the band are making a huge error. The Dead are not a studio band. Never have been and never will be. Best band in the history of rock and roll IMHO. Jerry Garcia was a amazing musician. It became a question of getting him interested. He worked his ass off compared to most musicians. Those of you who want to put them down for drugs obviously were not around in the 60s.


August 3, 2012
edited over 6 years ago
The Grateful Dead. An amazing band doing amazing things. With roots in traditional folk, blues, rock, country and a few other things this band is one of a kind. The original jam band. They toured for almost 30 years straight with hundreds of shows every year. No two shows were ever alike and you never knew what to expect next. They would start one song, jam out on it for ten minutes. Then start teasing a diferent song into the jam just to simultaniously go into another song. After jamming that song for 10 minutes flip back into the original song they were playing then jam into the song they were teasing earlier. There was nothing like it. Granted the live experience is what this band has always been about still a lot of the albums are great too. Check out: "workingmans dead" or " Reckoning" for more of the bluesyfolkycountry feel or "europe 72" or "grateful dead" for the live jams. "terrapin, shakedown, blues for allah", all great albums to hear the roots of what a lot of the songs morphed into during live shows. These were amazing musicians doing what they loved and all of the surviving members have all continued to keep touring and jamming though in their 60s and 70s. Still tearing the roof off! Dont listen to this moshka guys review here as he obviously never understood the Grateful dead and dont take my word for it. Give em a shot!


September 21, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
While at one time, I considered the Grateful Dead a huge and viable part of the growth of american progressive music in the 1970s, my views have changes since moving to Europe 7 years ago. Much of the Dead's early stuff is raw and powerful, but as their playing skills progressed through the mid to late 70s, their sound became too slick and over produced (not that some of the albums of that period are bad in any regard). By their the time they released those two terrible albums in the late 1980s, the original fire had long since disappeared and not much was left but a drug addicted empty husk of a band with legions of literally "DEAD" heads following them blindly around. Their sound had become very clichéd and watered down. In my opinion, the output of american avantgard/psychedelic bands PALES in comparison to the happenings in europe during the 1970s and 1980s. Whether the Dead were a direct cause for this or not, they certainly did not help matters much, and in my opinion I hold them in the same contempt as I do with the Rollingstones and Aerosmith of late.

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