Eagles Of Death Metal

American rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed by Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme in 1998.
The band's name started as a joke. One night in the '90s, when they were in their early 20s, Hughes and Homme were in the back of a "zombie green" VW van with the license plate "DOOMED," and teasing their friend Cole Loo, a genuine death-metal devotee. Hughes demanded proof that the bleak subgenre was legit, and kept asking to hear something from "The Eagles of death metal," as if a "peaceful, easy feeling" could exist within the speediest, darkest corner of heavy metal.

Upon waking up the next day the boys started wondering what that would actually sound like, and the rest is Eagle Of Death Metal-history
The first incarnation of the Eagles of Death Metal appeared in 1998 on Vol. 4 of Homme's Desert Sessions recordings, with Loo himself (credited as "Loo Balls") howling an appropriate Darth Vader death-metal vocal.

The guys gave themselves other names in this band, Jesse Hughes is Jesse "The Devil" Hughes, Josh Homme is Carlo Von Sexron (or Baby Duck) and Tim Vanhamel is Timmy Tipover VanHamel.

The band's concert at Le Bataclan in Paris on 13 November 2015 was one of the eight targets for a series of terrorist attacks. While the band was playing on stage three terrorists started shooting and bombing the crowd and at least 89 people were killed. The band members escaped the attack. Deftones was also on the site, they were to play in the same venue for three days from 14 to 16 November. They escaped too.