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Stefano Marcucci
Born in Rome on June 10, 1947
has been part of bands like the Ancients (Manuel De Sica, Bruno Biriaco, Federico D'Andrea) the Myosotis (with Federico D'Andrea) has made progressive music LP as "Profondità" (with Paolo Casa and Paolo Ferrara) "Tempo di demoni, papi, angioli incensi e cilici"" Tabarin "(with Paolo Casa and Paolo Ferrara)" Cimbelino, "" La storia di Zazà "(Milva), "Cantautore per forza "(Renzo Arbore) "Il fantama dell'Opera" " Piccole donne: il musical "
He composed the music for over 200 performances were staged in the Italian and foreign theaters, working with directors such as Luigi Squarzina, Franco Brusati, Giorgio Albertazzi, Gabriele Lavia, Vittorio Gassman, Irene Papas and composing songs for artists such as Renzo Arbore, Milva, Mauritius Micheli and the trio satirical Marchesini, Lopez, Solenghi.
For television and radio has created music for musicals, drama, variety, often taking part, directly, to run television and radio programs.
He has written numerous scores for films, getting important awards.
In February 1999 he directed in Augsburg, Germany the play "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht, in collaboration with the Conservatory "Leopold Mozart" in Augsburg and in july 2000 in Buenos Aires,(Argentina), the Shakespeare comedy " Midsummer night's dream. "
In 1996 he was inducted into candidate of winners of the "Grolla d'oro" of St.Vincent for the soundtrack of the film: "Last Target" with Giancarlo Giannini and Silvia Cohen, directed by Andrea Frezza.
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