Black Candle

Black Candle is one of the first black metal bands from Luxembourg. It was formed in 1994 by vocalist Dark Lord Tenebrus (also known under pseudonym Simon), guitarist Azael and another guitarist Thummiel. They've started practicing without a drummer. At that time guys weren't the best musicians hence all of their early rehearsals were nothing but horrible noise explosions. Nonetheless, fragments of band's first song "My Black Sky" were created right at that time.

Thummiel left Black Candle to form his own band Sargatanas back in 1996. Some weeks later Simon and Azael met a drummer called Shadow, who soon joined them. Demo "My Black Sky" was released in March 1996. It consists of five tracks, 3 of them are actual songs, created during rehearsals of 1994-1996. Intro and outro were contributed by none other than Dan "Mad Thrashing Daniac" (who will be sharing guitar duties with Simon 8 years later).

1997 was rich in events. Azael left the band due to lack of interest. Simon was forced to play the guitar and the bass. Black Candle continued as a two-piece. Second demo "Winter Of Wrath" was materialized as a result of band's first studio experience. Shortly after that bass player Lord Mogon joined Simon and Shadow. Guys played their first gig in Germany (which has a well-developed underground black metal scene). On November 1, Black Candle entered the studio again to record their cult track "Meeting with the Beast". This song was featured on compilation "Sometimes Death Is Better" (Shiver Records, 1998). Soon after, disinterested Lord Mogon quitted and band lost their rehearsal place in Luxembourg. These events combined with lack of support from local music scene and caused one-year hiatus of Black Candle. Shadow took part in act called Vinsval, Simon joined German black metal band Pagan Winter as a singer. Black Candle and Pagan Winter were both featured on compilations "Germanische Tyrannen" (Frontfire Distribution, 1998) and "A Taste Of Blood" (Mortuary Khage Productions, 1998).

In the late 1998, things finally started going uphill. New rehearsal room was found and line-up was completed with Phosphoros (lead guitar) and Fallen (bass). In 1999, "Nigthfire" the first Black Candle EP was recorded during 2 days in (August 1998) and released via Pagan Winter Productions. Band continued to create new tracks. Fallen quitted in the end of 1999, and L.H. took his place.

In August 2000, Black Candle began recording sessions of album entitled "The Faceless Angel". L.H. let the band down and left in the midst of process. As a result, L.H. bass lines were finished by Phosphoros and Simon. At the same time, Lady Eve S. joined guys and did some vocals and guitar parts. Phosphoros quitted shortly after completion of recording in order to line up with band called Desdemonia. In 2002, "The Faceless Angel" was finally released with the support of Burhuc ASBL (local concert promoter) and Pagan Winter Productions.

Black Candle played a lot of gigs in Luxembourg, France and Germany in the course of 2002-2004. In 2004, Lady Eve S. left the band and Dan "Mad Thrashing Daniac" joined as the lead guitar player. Demo "From the Deepest Level" (limited to 30 copies) was released in the same year.

Promo-single containing two tracks from the forthcoming album was released on October 22, 2005. In the late 2005 band started recording their new album "Lead Me To The Tombs". Simon took up the duties of a producer and sound engineer. Album consisting of eight new tracks and re-recorded versions of "Meeting The Beast" and "My Black Sky" was finished in early 2006. 500 hand-numbered copies of this album were released by Black Candle in April 7. Two new musicians (Naberios on bass and vocalist Styxx) completed the line-up again and band played several gigs in the second half of 2006. Live show at "Walking the Dead" music festival (Arnheim, Holland) was one of the most successful for Black Candle. In the same year "Nightfire", "The Faceless Angel" and "Lead Me to the Tombs" were reissued on tapes via Polish label Terrorcult Production.

In 2007, all members of the band were busy with side-projects. Simon focused on Deformation Guaranteed and Reverence, Dan played guitar in Morast, Styxx performed vocals in Reverence and Decay, Shadow was a session drummer in various bands. Besides, everyone had their own opinion about future direction of Black Candle. As a result, band split up in June 2007.

Black Candle reunited in 2009 as a duo (Simon - all instruments, Styxx - vocals). It didn't last long because Styxx died of leukemia in June 7, 2009.

Creation of new full-length album (which serves as dedication to deceased Styxx) began in 2012. All tracks were recorded and mixed by Simon himself at his own studio (Merzig, Germany) during summer 2012 - winter 2013. Three songs were composed and recorded back in 2007. Album was released on Belarusian underground label Possession Productions in August 30, 2013 under name "Smoke and Monoliths".

At the beginning of 2014 Shadow joined Black Candle. Band recorded a new song "Fading Rays of Gray", which was included in the compilation "Saarland Black Metal - Sampler II" (2014, Narbentage Produktionen). A new album will be released in 2015.

Line-up changes:
Simon (1994 - 2007, 2009 - present) vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Shadow (1995 - 2007, 2009 - 2012, 2014 - present) drums
Azael (1994 - 1997) guitars
Thummiel (1994 - 1996) guitars
Lord Mogon (1997) bass
Phosphoros (1998 - 2001) guitars, bass
Fallen (1998 - 1999) bass
L.H. (2000) bass
Dan (2004 - 2007) guitars
Naberios (2006 - 2007) bass
Styxx (2006 - 2007, 2009) vocals
Lady Eve S. (2001-2004) vocals, guitars
Wanterfrascht (2016-present) vocals

Sources of inspiration:
Venom, Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Christian Death, Joy Division, The Cure



none Black Candle - My Black Sky album art Black Candle My Black Sky(Cass, S/Sided, MiniAlbum) Not On Label (Black Candle Self-released) none Luxembourg 1996 Sell This Version
Black Candle - Nightfire album art Black Candle Nightfire (MiniAlbum) Pagan Winter Productions Poland 1999 Sell This Version
BURHUC CD 01 Black Candle - The Faceless Angel album art Black Candle The Faceless Angel(CD) Burhuc BURHUC CD 01 Luxembourg 2002 Sell This Version
none Black Candle - From The Deepest Level album art Black Candle From The Deepest Level(CDr, Ltd, Dem) Not On Label (Black Candle Self-released) none Luxembourg 2004 Sell This Version
Black Candle - Lead Me To The Tombs album art Black Candle Lead Me To The Tombs (Album) Not On Label (Black Candle Self-released) Luxembourg 2006 Sell This Version
PS 72 Black Candle - Smoke And Monoliths album art Black Candle Smoke And Monoliths(CD, Album, Ltd) Possession Productions PS 72 Belarus 2013 Sell This Version
PS117 Black Candle - Lost Light Of The North album art Black Candle Lost Light Of The North(CD, Album, Ltd) Possession Productions PS117 Belarus 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

none Black Candle - Promo 2005 album art Black Candle Promo 2005(CDr, Single, Promo) Not On Label (Black Candle Self-released) none Luxembourg 2005 Sell This Version


none Black Candle - Winter Of Wrath album art Black Candle Winter Of Wrath(Cass, S/Sided) Not On Label (Black Candle Self-released) none Luxembourg 1997 Sell This Version
none Black Candle - Promo 2016 album art Black Candle Promo 2016(CDr, Promo) Not On Label none Luxembourg 2016 Sell This Version

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