Fatima Yamaha JazzFrank1313

July 12, 2022
does anyone knows if he has a twitter?
i would like to ask him why did he name that one album "ARAYA"

Fatima Yamaha DennisV94

June 24, 2020
New album comming next autum called Spontaneous Order together with a small tour.

Fatima Yamaha DennisV94

June 25, 2020
Can't t wait! Lets see what Mr. Bron has in mind for us.

Fatima Yamaha Funkbuero

December 23, 2015
Starting off with the Dekmantel reissue of the brilliant "What's a Girl To Do", and continuing with a phenomenal album, Bas Bron alias Fatima Yamaha surely must be a contender for the title of "comeback of the year"!
Absolutely fantastic productions, and a political message deeply settled within the roots of House and Techno culture, Fatima can do no wrong. Looking forward to more of her in 2016!

Fatima Yamaha jradi88

March 17, 2017
Try read the names of the tracks of the "Imaginary Lines" album. You'll get hints of a certain world view. For example: "Borderless", "Imaginary Lines" and "Love Invaders". Very much in line with this world view:

Fatima Yamaha plant43

January 25, 2017
Can you tell me more about the political message please?