Real Name:
Elden M.
SF Bay-area experimental musician known best for his work as Allegory Chapel Ltd.
For many years he worked at Subterranean Records and currently is one of the people behind He also ran the ACLMX tape label.
Elden has collaborated extensively with other bay-area musicians such as Monte Cazazza, Stephen Holman as Torture Chorus, and Mason Jones; performing with other international artists such as Mayuko Hino, Merzbow, Hijokaidan, and Haters; plus collaborated with the following bands: Neither/Neither World, Noothgrush, Bone Awl, Carbon 14, Love Force (later known as Amber Asylum), Iao Core, and others. Elden's side-project as M.N.L.F. appeared on the From The Machine compilation album, and released a very limited number of demo cassette; the initials stand for MAGICKAL NOISE LIBERATION FRONT.
In Groups: