Real Name:
Elden M.
SF Bay-area experimental musician known best for his work as Allegory Chapel Ltd.
For many years he worked at Subterranean Records and currently is one of the people behind Blackmetal.com/Cybertzara. He also ran the ACLMX tape label.
Elden has collaborated extensively with other bay-area musicians such as Monte Cazazza, Stephen Holman as Torture Chorus, and Mason Jones; performing with other international artists such as Mayuko Hino, Merzbow, Hijokaidan, and Haters; plus collaborated with the following bands: Neither/Neither World, Noothgrush, Bone Awl, Carbon 14, Love Force (later known as Amber Asylum), Iao Core, and others. Elden's side-project as M.N.L.F. appeared on the From The Machine compilation album, and released a very limited number of demo cassette; the initials stand for MAGICKAL NOISE LIBERATION FRONT.
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C14II Elden M. - Hvmani Corporis album art Carbon 14 Carbon 14 - Hvmani Corporis(Cass, C63) ACLMX C14II US 1989 Sell This Version