La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros

Argentine progressive rock band La Maquina de Hacer Pájaros (literal translation: "The Bird-Making Machine") began after the disolution of Sui Generis (4), featuring Charly Garcia, Oscar Moro and Jose Luis Fernandez as "Charly Garcia y la Maquina de Hacer Pajaros". The name was inspired from a newspaper strip made by Crist (2) on the Siete Dias magazine called "Garcia y la maquina de hacer pájaros". The group debuted with this formation at Cordoba, Argentina. During that show they met guitarist Gustavo Bazterrica , who would join the group.
Carlos Cutaia would later joined the group at request of Charly Garcia, who wanted to give more "musicality" to the band by including another keyboardist. Having two keyboards would be the defining characteristic of the band from then on.
On 1976 they released the eponymous La Maquina De Hacer Pajaros LP, featuring a "double insert" with two hard covers, the inner cover portraying the aforementioned comic strip by Crist. At the time, this release was considered the most expensive in the history of Argentine rock, being twice as costly as the average release during those times. All the songs are written by Charly Garcia from the times of Sui Generis, contrary to his wishes of becoming just another member of the band and not the main attraction.
On 1977, the band released a second album, Peliculas (Films). The band's albums were greatly praised, but were not as commercially successful as they expected. It would take years for both LPs to be recognized as masterpieces of Argentine rock.
The band split up on 1977 because of creative differences. Their final show was at the festival Del Amor, Buenos Aires.
After a failed attempt of starting a "band of love" with Nito Mestre, Charly Garcia, would travel to Brazil and form Serú Girán.

La Maquina de hacer Pajaros discography is comprised of 2 albums and two singles.