Dark Dimension

Dark Dimension

Alias of David Orr used so far uses for post production mastering of other artists music.


Dark Dimension Discography


INFEXHS005 Killaheadz Killaheadz - Juno EP (EP) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS005 2011
INFEXHS007 Main Concern Main Concern - Mindfuck EP (EP) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS007 UK 2011
MOUTHDATA008 Stan Grewzell Stan Grewzell - Anoxia (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA008 2011
MOUTHDATA006 JFX*, Koney & Metadia JFX*, Koney & Metadia - Headnoize EP (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA006 2011
INFEXHS006 Illegal Chemistry Illegal Chemistry - Komma Tara EP (EP) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS006 UK 2011
DARKUL007 The Genesis Projection The Genesis Projection - Hydrogen EP (EP) Darkside Unleashed DARKUL007 UK 2011
DARKUL008 V.S.C. V.S.C. - Under: Destruction Darkside Unleashed DARKUL008 UK 2011
MOUTHDATA009 The 7th Genocide The 7th Genocide - Born In Midnight (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA009 UK 2011
INFEXHS008 Lim* vs Rascal (4) Lim* vs Rascal (4) - The Arrival EP (EP) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS008 UK 2011
MOUTHDATA005 Various Various - A Long Time In Darkness EP (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA005 2011
DARKUL010 Soul Destroyer Soul Destroyer - Rise From Darkness EP (EP) Darkside Unleashed DARKUL010 UK 2011
DARKUL009 Thunder* Thunder* - The Warrior EP (EP) Darkside Unleashed DARKUL009 UK 2011
INFEXHD005 SickMaN (2) SickMaN (2) - Step Ahead(3xFile, MP3, 320) Infexious Harddance INFEXHD005 2011
MOUTHFOC002 [KRTM]* [KRTM]* - Weltmeister (Formula 98 Tribute)(File, WAV, Single) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHFOC002 2011
INFEXHD007 Dermot Bateman Dermot Bateman - Infexious Harddance 7(2xFile, MP3, 320) Infexious Harddance INFEXHD007 2011
INFEXHD008 DarkbyDesign* DarkbyDesign* - Disco Slut(3xFile, EP, WAV) Infexious Harddance INFEXHD008 UK 2011
MOUTHFOC001 The 7th Genocide The 7th Genocide - Voodoo Machines(File, WAV, Single) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHFOC001 2011
MOUTHDATA013 Razor Edge Razor Edge - Convenient Light Lobotomy (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA013 UK 2012
INFEXHS012 Lim* vs Rascal (4) Lim* vs Rascal (4) - Machete EP (EP) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS012 UK 2012
MOUTHDATA014 Reflecti Reflecti - Purify The Noise (EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA014 UK 2012
MOUTHLP001 Various Various - Motörheadz - The Album (Album, Comp) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHLP001 2012
MOUTHDATA016 DJ DBN* DJ DBN* - Fractal Dimension(4xFile, WAV, EP) Motormouth Recordz MOUTHDATA016 UK 2012
INFEXHD011 Bangerz & Masherz Bangerz & Masherz - Infexious Harddance 11(5xFile, EP, WAV) Infexious Harddance INFEXHD011 UK 2012
INFEXHS009 Coarsection & Regain Coarsection & Regain - I'm Death EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Infexious Hardstyle INFEXHS009 UK 2012