German/Swedish industrial metal band, formed by Till Lindemann (the vocalist of Rammstein) and Peter Tägtgren (member of Hypocrisy) on January 4, 2015.

The debut single, "Praise Abort", was released on May 28, 2015. The debut album, titled "Skills In Pills", was released on June 19, 2015. After a second album in 2019, the two announced the end of their collaboration on November 13, 2020. Till Lindemann will continue the Lindemann project with a different line-up.

The copyright entry is Lindemann.


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July 9, 2016
Lindemann 's solo/side project titled by his last name and the Skills In Pills album is pretty bad ass and more than most people seem to want to give it credit from what I've been able to gather from anyone else. I like the entire album but a couple songs on it are not unlike many other artist's few of any album, there's a time and place for after a few times of listening to the album the entire way through to get a good feel of what's happening in their world that they are trying to have us know/feel. I like the shock value of it along with the videos it has off the album. And I'm sure that since it's Till Lindemann that wrote the songs, there is probably more than just the face value of the obscure and somewhat awkward lyrics. They're more likely to be some too in depth for most of us to easily figure out for a good while, analogies and metaphors that will take many, many listens through and most likely being through similar experiences as him that he's referring to in order for us to actually get down to the actual meaning of, wether he states the basics of each track or not. Most of the tracks seem to be pretty straight forward and sure to be offensive to most who aren't used to any type of shock value type of music or whatever. It's definitely worth listening to and giving a few tries if you're into Rammstein or even just any type of heavier type of music that's primarily electronic made sounds. The album seems to me has every bit of attention and effort put into it that it needed and on top of that, he hasn't even slowed down or put Rammstein on hold for any amount of time in order for this project to get put out for us to enjoy. I've not heard of his partner he's got with him on this album before looking into what all the group was. He's pretty Goddamn awesome and definitely a good match for the style of music you think you'd get from the front man of Rammstein doing shit without that group and somebody other than any of his original group's members. Personally, I think it's at least a 4/5-9/10 on this project but that's just one dude's opinion that totally differs from the majority of even my closest friends that enjoy mostly the same type of music as I do.

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