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Harvey Milk are an experimental rock band that formed in Athens, Georgia in the early 1990s.

The band, despite playing numerous live shows and releasing a slew of 7" singles and three full length albums, never received much attention outside of their local fanbase. Even when they were together, Harvey Milk releases were notoriously hard to find.

It was not until years after the band's demise that their singles, as well as all three full length albums, saw re-release through various labels, most notably Relapse Records.

While Harvey Milk invariably draws comparisons to the Melvins, due to their penchant for slow, heavy riffs, the band has touched upon such artists as ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and Leonard Cohen as influences in their music. They even went so far as to perform a live show consisting of nothing but Hank Williams covers.

They are named after Harvey Milk, San Francisco, California's first openly gay city supervisor, who was murdered in 1978.

Harvey Milk's historic core (Creston Spiers, Stephen Tanner & Paul Trudeau) reunited in 2006 to record "Special Wishes". , Bandcamp , Facebook
Members:Creston Spiers, Joe Preston, Kyle Spence, Paul Trudeau, Stephen Tanner
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