The Blue Spectrum

Real Name:Simon David-Thomas Wilson

Freeform Harsh Noise, created from layering and overdubing field recordings of household objects & small metal items, drones and electronics.
A Blue Spectrum piece is determined by the process, in which one or two tape recordings are mixed spontaneously with or without the addition of effects or instruments. In turn this recording is played back with effects and mixed with other tape recordings with the addition of instruments to create a final piece.
This source material us often reused to create new recordings.
Blue Spectrum has been compared to Fossils, a broken CD player and even John Cage.

Sites:Tumblr , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , ,
Aliases:¬]L7(((, Cambodian Springs, Disemboweled Tape Guts, DJ Insect Repellent, DJ LL Cool J, From Before The Earth Was Made, GarbleTronix, Huītzilōpōchtli, Layla & Ming, Level Four Heatwave, Maraschino Cherry, Plasmic Caves, Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, Robes Of Teal, Simon David Wilson, Team Electrics, Team Phosphenes, The Garbage Pail Kids (2), The Night Soil Men, The Phosphenes
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