The Man Called Tea

The Man Called Tea

Real Name:
Group ran by members of avant-garde/progressive gothic metal band Sirrah:
Tomasz Żyżyk (K.E.Mouth'A) - lead vocals
Maciej Pasiński (Vliege9) - strings, lyrics, vocals
Krzysztof Passowicz (The Great K) - keyboards, electronics
Paweł Nafus (Na'Phoos) - strings.

They started just after Sirrah announced suspension of the activity at the turn of century.
The project was a further evolution of the progressing industrial sound of Sirrah.

On 2001, after the unsuccessful search for a publisher, TMCTea published a first demo Sketchpad #1 by own financial effort.
Release rose an ambivalent emotions.
After a fast finishing of circulation, band bring their demo to download on the official website.
TMCTea is trying to record another demo (initial called Sketchpad #2) but it ends finishing two new songs (another four of that sessions left still unreleased). After that hearing about them vanishes...
Currently, it is difficult to find any recordings of the group.

On 2006 some of the members founded band Popup, quickly changed their name to Popupkiller.
On 2011 Żyżyk (K.E.Mouth'a) and Nafus (Na'Phoos) focused on avant-pop group Rosemary's Kids.
There was also the plan (circa 2010) reunion under the name The Man Called Sirrah (collaboration between musicians of both bands)
and finally on February 2013 Tomo Żyżyk initiated Sirrah's reunification.

Maciej Pasiński (Vliege9) appears in reunited Sirrah as a guest musician and has been working on his solo effort called qip.

Exists archival website of the group. It is epic but prehistoric site what means that the best and only possible view is with Internet Explorer browser.


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TheMANcalledTEA* Sketchpad #1 (Album, MiniAlbum) Not On Label Poland 2001 Sell This Version

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