Rino Gaetano

Real Name:Salvatore Antonio Gaetano

Italian singer and songwriter (born in Crotone, Calabria, 29 October, 1950 - Rome, 2 June, 1981), undervalued in life he elicits huge interest especially among young people for the themes of his songs which he used perform with an incomprehensible irony in a historical period which was not prepared to understand him. In his career - began in 1973 by it Record (label founded by Vincenzo Micocci) - he had about a dozen of singles (the most famous remains Gianna, written for his sister Anna Gaetano) and 6 albums, the last, E Io Ci Sto in 1980 on RCA Italiana. However, today anthologies of his CDs and books about him are bestsellers, as he gained after more than 30 years since his passing the status of a cult artist. , Wikipedia
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