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Real Name:Knud Grabow Christensen

Danish singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, born on 19 December 1949 in Sønderborg, Denmark. Father of Sara Grabow.

Started playing guitar in 1966 at a boarding school, and wrote songs since 1967. Sang in English on his debut album The Goddess inspired by Donovan and Bob Dylan, but switched mostly to Danish on subsequent albums. Had an early commercial breakthrough in 1972 with the innovative album Den Store Flugt. His musical skills were developed during thousands of solo performances as a folk musician since 1967, until 1974 when a stable lineup was formed. Notable for having famous Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen as backing vocals on some of his releases from the '70s. In 1979, the band became what was called Denmark's first supergroup with Alex Riel, Kenneth Knudsen, Lis Sørensen, Michael Friis and Nils Henriksen. Sebastian changed for a more synthesizer-oriented sound and became a pop radio hitmaker, and focused more on writing musicals since the '80s. Sebastian has given about 2,000 concerts, and released about 60 albums that have sold about 2.5 million copies in total.

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Aliases:Knud Christensen
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