MF Doom

Real Name:Daniel Dumile Thompson

Daniel Dumile (/ˈduːmɪleɪ/ DOO-mil-ay;) Thompson (July 13, 1971 - October 31, 2020) was a hip hop recording artist best known for his "super villain" stage persona and unique lyrics. Dumile took on several stage names in his career, most notably MF DOOM.

Daniel Dumile aka Daniel Thompson (4) was born in London, England, as the son of a Trinidadian mother and a Zimbabwean father. His family moved to Long Island, New York when he was a child; Dumile remained a British citizen and never gained American citizenship.

Sites:Facebook , X , Bandcamp , MySpace , Imdb , Wikipedia , Who Sampled , Soundcloud , YouTube
Aliases:Daniel Dumile, Daniel Thompson (4), King Dumile, King Ghidra, Metal Fingers, Sci.Fly, The Emef, The Metal Finger Villain, The Super Villain, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X
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