Lucio Battisti

Real Name:Lucio Battisti

Lucio Battisti was an Italian singer-songwriter, composer and musician born on March 5, 1943, in Poggio Bustone, Italy. He began his career as a member of the band I Campioni, but he soon started writing songs for other artists. In the late 1960s, Battisti began a successful collaboration with lyricist Mogol, and the two created a series of hits that revolutionized Italian pop music.

Battisti's music was characterized by his innovative and experimental approach, blending different genres and incorporating elements of rock, folk, and classical music. He was known for his introspective and poetic lyrics, which often dealt with themes of love, loneliness, and existentialism.

Battisti's most successful albums include "Anima latina" (1974), "Una Giornata Uggiosa" (1980) and "Don Giovanni" (1986). He was also a talented producer, and he worked on albums by many other Italian artists.

Battisti died in Milan on September 9, 1998, at the age of 55, due to complications from cancer. His legacy as one of Italy's greatest songwriters and musicians continues to be celebrated today.
He was married to Grazia Veronese.

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Aliases:Gias, Lo Abracek
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