Daniele Baldelli

Real Name:Daniele Baldelli

Daniele Baldelli is a DJ & producer who is considered an innovator in the Italian disco scene for developing a unique, 'funky' and 'tribal' aesthetic by playing eclectic, esoteric records at drastically altered speeds, often slowed way down, and sometimes adding drum machines and effects. He developed the style he likes to call "Cosmic Sound". He started to be a DJ in 1969. He was resident DJ at the Baia Degli Angeli (1977–1978) and Cosmic (1979–1984) discotheques in Northern Italy—Lasize, Lago di Garda; he released scores of mixtapes during his tenure at the latter. He was mostly unknown outside of Italy until a surge of English-language press coverage in the second half of the 2000s. , MySpace ,
In Groups:B.D.J., Cosmic Melodies Co., Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca, Ethno Alchemy, Funkadiba, Sambo, Virtual Roots
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