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Founded in Leyton in London's East End in 1975, Iron Maiden released their first album in 1980 as a five-piece with Paul Di'Anno on vocals. Bruce Dickinson would replace him in 1981. With several line-up changes Steve Harris would remain the only original member never to have had a hiatus.

When Bruce Dickinson quit in 1994 and was replaced by Wolfsbane's Blaze Bayley, the band lost a lot of their fanbase. They recorded two albums with Blaze before Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith (2) returned to the fold for 2000's "Brave New World", and 2003's "Dance of Death", making them a six-piece. As of 1999 the line-up hasn't changed

Band Members:

Paul Mario Day (1975-1976)
Dennis Wilcock (1976-1977)
Paul Di'Anno (1978-1981)
Blaze Bayley (1994-1998)
Bruce Dickinson (1981-1993 and 1999-present)

Barry "Thunderstick" Purkis (1977)
Doug Sampson (1977-1979)
Clive Burr (1980-1982)
Nicko McBrain (1982-present)

Dave Murray (2) (1976-present)
Dennis Stratton (1979-1980)
Adrian Smith (2) (1980-1990 and 1999-present)
Janick Gers (1990-present)

Steve Harris (1975-present)

Michael Kenny (1986-present) (Live performances only, not a full member)
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Iron Maiden Discography


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0946 336 4372 7 Iron Maiden Death On The Road (Album) EMI 0946 336 4372 7 Europe 2005 Sell This Version
094637233122 Iron Maiden A Matter Of Life And Death (Album) EMI 094637233122 Argentina 2006 Sell This Version
50999 6477722 1 Iron Maiden The Final Frontier (Album) EMI 50999 6477722 1 Australia 2010 Sell This Version

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December 23, 2015
edited 7 months ago
I was introduced to heavy metal with "Somewhere in time", back in '86. Unfortunately, slightly too young for my parents to allow me to see them in Lisbon then. But did it in '88, when they came back with "Seventh son..." tour. Seen all their shows in Portugal with Bruce Dickinson (except one). Sorry Blaze: hated your albums.


November 17, 2015
One of the greatest bands of all times!!


August 29, 2015
Bloodbrothers \m/


March 16, 2015
edited about 1 year ago
I spent countless amazing hours followed by Iron Maiden's music. I laughed, cried, got drunk. I will always appreciate them and have a special relation to them


March 3, 2015
edited about 1 year ago
Iron Maiden were the first band I fell in love with, in the mid 1980's, always had massive respect for this band. Up the Irons.


December 11, 2014
Iron Maiden made me realize when I was 15 that all I wanted to do in life was play in a heavy metal band. I currently play guitar/vocals in a signed black metal band and it is because of Iron Maiden that I never gave up when things weren't going the way I planned. Powerslave, Piece of Mind, and Somewhere in Time are my three favorite records, with Brave New World being right behind. Up the Irons!


October 25, 2014
i have been a huge iron maiden fan since 1986 and will always be a maiden fan. my favorite albums have always been the first 7, first album - 7th son.


February 14, 2014
My first metal band ever! I was 11 when I've got Best of the Beast compilation from my aunt for gift. Since then I'm proud Maiden fan and metal fan though. My favorite 3 albums are: Piece of Mind, The X Factor and A Matter Of Life And Death. Thank you Iron Maiden for yours existence and because you are big part of my life.


October 17, 2011
edited about 1 year ago
Iron Maiden were the first band I really listened to. As a thirteen year old the record sleeves made things all the more compelling, which I guess was the point of them. Killers and The Number Of The Beast were the first albums I ever bought, and I got them both at the same time on cassette. After that, I basically spent all of my pocket money on second hand Iron Maiden tapes and records.
At the time (early 1990s) listening to this stuff was considered incredibly uncool and I had to wait until my dad's yearly sojourn to Birmingham NEC bike show just to find a Maiden T-Shirt - these days they sell them in most high-street shops, how things change...
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son was the first LP I got obsessed with (turning the record over and over again when each side finished) and the song that got stuck in my head for the first time was a Maiden one (Moonchild, I think). I managed to grab a copy of the Maiden England video cassette and would watch that most evenings. I finally saw them live touring the X Factor, caught one of Nicko's drum-sticks and weirdly enough, moved away from heavy metal shortly after.
I still hold on to my cassettes and keep a copy of Seventh Son around for nostalgia's sake though.

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