German three-piece speed/thrash metal band, regarded as very influential to the modern black metal scene.

Sodom's original line-up consisted of Tom Angelripper, Bloody Monster and Aggressor. The band was initially formed by Tom as a desperate attempt to get out of having to work in coal mines in his home town of Gelsenkirchen. Taking inspiration from bands such as Motörhead, Tank, Venom and Accept, they released two demos which led to a record deal with Steamhammer (none of which were recorded with Bloody Monster, who was replaced by Chris Witchunter). Aggressor left the band shortly before releasing the In the Sign of Evil EP (generally regarded as an important early black metal release), and was replaced by Grave Violator, who did not last long himself, and left following the recording of In the Sign of Evil. A replacement was found in the form of Michael "Destructor" Wulf. They then went and recorded Obsessed by Cruelty, their full length debut. It featured music that was mostly in the same vein of In The Sign of Evil. Wulf did not last long himself, and later went and joined Kreator (this relationship would not last long either, and the man would later die in 1993 after a tragic motorcycle accident).

For the most part, the band was not taken seriously at first, as various press sources stated them as nothing more than "a second rate Venom clone with semi inventive lyrics". One member would change that. This member was Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik, who came in to fill the empty guitar spot Wulf left behind thrash metal. Frank had convinced Tom that thrash metal was moving beyond the realms of the horror/occult/satanic themes of bands like Venom, and that themes such as politics, society, and war were being embraced. Tom was already very interested in various wars, yet viewed them as stupid and outright dumb. This new inspiration culminated into Frank's full length debut with the band, Persecution Mania. The new lyrical approach and increased musicianship on the part of Frank gave the band great praise (as well as a mascot Knarrenheinz, who appeared for the first time on Persecution Mania's cover), and they soon embarked on a tour of Europe with the Swiss thrash metal outfit Coroner. After touring for the better part of 1987 and 1988, the band returned to the studio to make another album. The final product was titled Agent Orange, and it sold 100,000 copies in Germany alone. This made Sodom famous, giving them world wide critical acclaim, and securing their place alongside Kreator and Destruction as one of the great three teutonic thrash metal bands. To this date, Agent Orange has sold more than any other German thrash metal album all over the world.

Actual lineup:
* Tom Angelripper - vocals, bass
* Bernd "Bernemann" Kost - guitar
* Markus"Makka"Freiwald - drums

Former band members:
# Frank Testegen - guitar (1983-1984, 2007)
# Josef Dominic - guitar (1984-1985, 2007)
# Michael Wulf - guitar (1985-1986)
# Uwe Christophers - guitar (on tour in 1986)
# Frank Gosdzik - guitar (1987-1989, special appearance in the December 28, 2006 concert in Bochum)
# Uwe Baltrusch - guitar (on tour in 1989/1990)
# Michael Hoffman - guitar (1990)
# Andy Brings - guitar (1991-1995)
# Dirk Strahlimeier - guitar (1995-1996)
# Christian Dudek - drums (1983-1992)
# Guido Richter - drums
# Bobby Schottkowski - drums

Chris "Witchhunter" Dudek died on 7 September 2008 from liver failure after a long battle with illness.

Sodom Discography


MBR 1044 Sodom In The Sign Of Evil (MiniAlbum, EP) Devil's Game MBR 1044 US 1985 Sell This Version
BRC 1978 Sodom Obsessed By Cruelty (Album) Steamhammer BRC 1978 Canada 1986 Sell This Version
SH 0084 - 3 Sodom Persecution Mania (Album, Comp) Steamhammer SH 0084 - 3 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
RCC 9492 Sodom Mortal Way Of Live (Album) Steamhammer RCC 9492 US 1988 Sell This Version
4.27603 Sodom Agent Orange (Album, Comp) Steamhammer, Steamhammer 4.27603 Germany 1989 Sell This Version
SPV 008-76261 Sodom Better Off Dead (Album) Steamhammer SPV 008-76261 Germany 1990 Sell This Version
SPV 084-76542 Sodom Tapping The Vein (Album) Steamhammer SPV 084-76542 Germany 1992 Sell This Version
SPV 008-76764 Sodom Get What You Deserve (Album) Steamhammer SPV 008-76764 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
TECX-25843 Sodom Marooned Live (Album, Comp) Steamhammer TECX-25843 Japan 1994 Sell This Version
SPV MC 008-76964, 008-76964 Sodom Masquerade In Blood (Album) Steamhammer, Steamhammer SPV MC 008-76964, 008-76964 Poland 1995 Sell This Version
BVCP-6021 Sodom 'Til Death Do Us Unite (Album) GUN Records (2), BMG BVCP-6021 Japan 1997 Sell This Version
DRAKKAR 003, 74321 67384 2 Sodom Code Red (Album) Drakkar Records, BMG DRAKKAR 003, 74321 67384 2 Germany 1999 Sell This Version
SPV 085-72442 CD Sodom M-16 (Album) Steamhammer SPV 085-72442 CD Germany 2001 Sell This Version
SPV 091-69392 DCD-E Sodom One Night In Bangkok (Album) Steamhammer SPV 091-69392 DCD-E Russia 2003 Sell This Version
ICARUS 233 Sodom Sodom (Album) Steamhammer ICARUS 233 Argentina 2006 Sell This Version
SPV 98502 CD Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil (Album) Steamhammer SPV 98502 CD Russia 2007 Sell This Version
SPV 308712 CD Sodom In War And Pieces (Album) Steamhammer SPV 308712 CD Russia 2010 Sell This Version
ICARUS 1132 Sodom Epitome Of Torture (Album) Steamhammer ICARUS 1132 Argentina 2013 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SPV 12-2122 Sodom Expurse Of Sodomy (Maxi, EP) Steamhammer SPV 12-2122 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
SPV 55-7605 Sodom Ausgebombt (Maxi) Steamhammer SPV 55-7605 Europe 1989 Sell This Version
SPV 050-76305 Sodom The Saw Is The Law (Maxi) Steamhammer SPV 050-76305 Germany 1991 Sell This Version
SPV 055-76723 Sodom Aber Bitte Mit Sahne ! (EP, Maxi) Steamhammer SPV 055-76723 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
none Kreator / Sodom / Destruction / Tankard Kreator / Sodom / Destruction / Tankard - The Big Teutonic 4 (EP) Nuclear Blast none Germany 2012 Sell This Version
SPV 267405 MS Sodom Sacred Warpath (EP) Steamhammer SPV 267405 MS Germany 2014 Sell This Version
SPV 266966 LP-Single Hirax / Sodom Hirax / Sodom - Hellion Rising / Water Boarding(7", Ltd, Num, Ora) Steamhammer SPV 266966 LP-Single Germany 2014 Sell This Version