German punk band from Hamburg, Germany. Founded in 1979, they became one of the style-defining bands of the 1980s. Slime was one of the most influential German punk bands of the early movement and thus shaped the political attitude of a large part of the German scene. With their anti-fascist texts they influenced the history of the German punk movement. Individual slogans, especially from their early phase, were spread in the autonomous scene. Musically and textually, they changed from a band with simple, catchy songs in the style of British punk rock of the late 1970s to a group with more sophisticated song structures and complex lyrics.
Slime was controversial at times. The group was accused of “selling out” in the course of its growing success. Their anti-American texts also caused criticism in the left-wing scene. Several songs, particularly the 1980 "Wir Wollen Keine Bullenschweine", We Want No Bull Pigs (aka cops), have been the subject of investigation.
After the dissolution in 1984, under the impression of xenophobic pogroms, Slime reunited, but only lasted for two albums. It was only then that the band had commercial success. But they disbanded again in 1994. After a break of fifteen years, the group reunited in 2009 for live performances, 30 years after the date of its first formation.
Because of an enormous reunion tour success the new band with three founding members Michael Mayer (3) aka ELF (4), Dirk Jora and Christian Mevs and two new members, bass player Nici (2) and drummer Alex Schwers, decided to release a sixth studio album in 2012, using texts from anarchist, outlaw, writer and poet Erich Mühsam, because they their main lyricist and ex-member Stephan Mahler didn't want to be part of the reunion.
In July 2020 the vocalist Dirk Jora left the band for health reasons. In 2021 a new vocalist, former homeless street singer Tex Brasket, was found.

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Members:Alex Schwers, Christian Mevs, Dirk Jora, Eddi Räther, Michael Mayer (3), Nici (2), Peter Wodok, Stephan Mahler, Stephane Larsson, Tex Brasket




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