Bestial Mockery

Bestial Mockery was formed in 1995 by Master Motorsåg and Warslaughter to channel perverted lusts for Satanic bloody Metal. Soon afterwards Doomanfanger joined and the band exercised their minimal music skills for a year and a half before releasing the "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" demo in 1997.
The following year saw the release of the second black mass "Chainsaw Demons Return", a filthy piece of thrashing Black Metal which spread the name of Bestial Mockery deep into the underground.

In 1999 Bestial Mockery did a split live tape with Lust (can) entitled "Live For Violence", featuring two harsh recordings taken from local gigs. The live split was released by Impalter of Trendies ran by the late Fucked Up Mad Max, and in early 2000 he did another release for Bestial Mockery: the "War - The Final Solution" demo tape. This tape has been released in two later versions (one Brazilian and one German). Also in early 2000 the "Nuclear Goat" split 7" with Suicidal Winds was launched. Next year, in August 2001, Sombre Records releases an LP limited to 350 copies entitled "Chainsaw Execution", which was a sort of compilation from the years '95-'00 with tracks taken from all releases plus some live-, rehearsal- and rare shit.

Now in 2002 Bestial Mockery exists of the following fuckheads: Doomanfanger - guitar, Master Motorsåg - screams and chainsaw, Devilpig - bass, Warslaughter - drums and Ted Bundy - guitar.

Besides the "Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw" full-length album there will be a few other releases the year 2002, including the long delayed "A Sign Of Satanic Victory" 7inch EP and a split with Unholy Massacre from Brazil. There will also be a tour throughout Europe during the summer with Gospel Of The Horns (aus) and In Aeternum (swe).