Old Man's Child

Old Man's Child

It was in 1989 when Galder (known as Grusom at that time) and Tjodalv began playing under the name Requiem, which played covers of bands like Slayer and Metallica. They released a demo (only 50 copies) in 1993 and later changed their name to Old Man's Child. They got another guitarist named Jardar to join the band and wanted to play Death Metal, but soon realized that they'd rather play Black Metal. However, things didn't look good in the start because members of the band had to do their military service, but once they were back they recorded and released a demo in 1994 called "In the Shades of Life". Before it was recorded, bassist Brynjard Tristan joined the band. The demo was great and the label "Hot Records" would later release their albums.

Finally in 1995 they got to record their first full-length "Born of the Flickering" which gave them some media attention. Their bassist was replaced by Gonde (Minas Tirith) and their drummer also left the band as he wanted to work on his band, Dimmu Borgir. They eventually found someone who could take his spot, his name was Tony.

Later in 1996, Century Media discovered the band and liked them a lot and later re-released "Born of the Flickering" as a digi-pack. They later recorded and released their 2nd album "The Pagan Prosperity" in 1997, and now that they were signed with Century Media, they were one of the bigger Black Metal bands.

Sadly, the band suffered loss. Gonde was fired due to drug problems, Tony couldn't handle the drums anymore and Jardar was busy with his job, so Galder had to record the album all by himself. As he didn't want to use a drum machine, he got the well-known drummer Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament, SYL) to play session drums on the album. The album was called "Ill-natured Spiritual Invasion".

Jardar returned to the band along with former drummer Tjodalv who shared drums with Grimar, and they also joined forces with a new bassist named Memnoch. Together they recorded "Revelation 666 - The Curse of Damnation" which was producered by the well known Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy).

In 2000 Galder replaced Astennu's spot/place in Dimmu Borgir and was considered a permanent member. Even though Galder was busy with several tours and album recordings with Dimmu Borgir, he didn't stop playing in Old Mans Child. So together with Jardar, Nicholas Barker (Dimmu Borgir), whom he asked to play drums on the new album and Gus G (Dream Evil) he recorded and released "In Defiance of Existence".

In 2003 they released the box set "The Historical Plague".

Old Man's Child Discography


Old Man's Child Born Of The Flickering (Album) Hot Records (6) Poland 1996 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child The Pagan Prosperity (Album) Century Black, Century Media Germany 1997 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion (Album) Century Black Japan 1998 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child Revelation 666 (The Curse Of Damnation) (Album) Century Media US 2000 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child In Defiance Of Existence (Album) Century Media Germany 2003 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child Vermin (Album) Century Media Argentina 2005 Sell This Version
Old Man's Child Slaves Of The World (Album) Century Media Russia 2009 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

SHAGRATH 005 Old Man's Child In The Shades Of Life(CD, EP) Hot Records (6) SHAGRATH 005 Norway 1996 Sell This Version


Dimmu Borgir / Old Man's Child Dimmu Borgir / Old Man's Child - Sons Of Satan Gather For Attack (Comp) Hammerheart Records Netherlands 1999 Sell This Version
77541-0 Old Man's Child 666 - The Historical Plague(5xLP, Album + Box, Comp, Ltd, Num) Century Media 77541-0 Germany 2003 Sell This Version