American Power/Thrash/Groove Metal band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1992.

Nevermore was formed after Warrel Dane and Jim Sheppard's previous band, Sanctuary (4), had disbanded. Jeff Loomis went on to join Sanctuary as a touring guitarist just before they folded, and then formed Nevermore with Dane and Sheppard.

Nevermore ceased activity in 2011 after Loomis and Van Williams both departed following disputes with Sheppard and Dane. The latter two then returned to the recently reactivated Sanctuary on a full-time basis. Warrel Dane later stated that Nevermore was not definitively finished. This was contradicted in a September 2017 interview with Jeff Loomis, where he confirmed that the band was actually broken up, while acknowledging that a future reunion would be possible, since the band members were still on speaking terms with each other. However, with the passing of Warrel Dane on December 13th, 2017, a reunion at this point appears unlikely.

Last line-up:
Warrel Dane: Vocals
Jim Sheppard: Bass
Jeff Loomis: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Van Williams: Drums, Percussion

Former Members:
Mark Arrington: Drums, Percussion
Pat O'Brien: Guitars
Tim Calvert: Guitars
Steve Smyth: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Sites:Facebook , MySpace , X , Wikipedia
Members:Chris Broderick, Curran Murphy, Dagna Silesia, James McDonough, Jeff Loomis, Jim Sheppard, Pat O'Brien, Steve Smyth, Tim Calvert, Van Williams, Warrel G Baker
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