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"Laetitia Sonami is a sound artist, performer, and composer of interactive electronic music who has been based in the San Francisco Bay area since 1978. She is known for her electronic compositions and performances with the ‘’Lady’s Glove’’, an instrument she developed for triggering and manipulating sound in live performance. Many of her compositions include live or sampled text. Sonami also creates sound installation work incorporating household objects embedded with mechanical and electronic components. Although some recordings of her works exist, Sonami generally eschews releasing recorded work.
Born in France in 1957, Laetitia Sonami began pursuing her interest in electronic music in the mid-1970s and studied with composers Eliane Radigue, and Joel Chadabe. She moved to California in 1978 where she studied composition at Mills College in Oakland with Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and Terry Riley. She received an MFA from the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music in 1980." - Wikipedia
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