The Shadows Of Knight


American garage and blues rock band from Chicago founded in 1964. They are best known for their cover of Them's "Gloria" which peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1966 after a single lyric change to evade censorship by AM Radio stations. The band had a loyal following in Chicago and sought to play their version of British Blues music which itself had originated in the city. The original lineup of the band disbanded in 1967 but they continued to play and record until 2022 following the death of vocalist and frontman Jim Sohns.

The lineup included: Jerry McGeorge, Warren Rogers, Tom Schiffour, Jim Sohns, David "Hawk" Wolinski, Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff, Joe Kelley and Dan Baughman.

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Members:Bobby Messano, David "Hawk" Wolinski, James Alan Sohns, Jerry McGeorge, John Fisher (26), Joseph J. Kelly, Lee Brovitz, Michael Campbell (10), Michael Weber (13), Mike Junkroski, Tom Schiffour, Warren Rogers
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