MW072CD Luke Vibert - Big Soup album art Luke Vibert Big Soup (Album, Maxi) Mo Wax MW072CD UK 1997 Sell This Version
BRC-21 Luke Vibert - Stop The Panic album art Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Stop The Panic (Album) Cooking Vinyl, Law & Auder BRC-21 Japan 1999 Sell This Version
WarpLP112 Luke Vibert - YosepH album art Luke Vibert YosepH (Album) Warp Records WarpLP112 UK 2003 Sell This Version
none Luke Vibert - Smell The Urgency... album art Blurum 13*, Luke Vibert Blurum 13*, Luke Vibert - Smell The Urgency... (Album) Swimming Rock Music none US 2004 Sell This Version
ZIQ175 Luke Vibert - Chicago, Detroit, Redruth album art Luke Vibert Chicago, Detroit, Redruth (Album) Planet Mu ZIQ175 UK 2007 Sell This Version
LLP 64 Luke Vibert - Moog Acid album art Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert - Moog Acid (Album) Lo Recordings LLP 64 UK 2007 Sell This Version
SOSRCD 02 Luke Vibert - Rhythm album art ルーク・ヴァイバート* Rhythm (Album) Soundofspeed SOSRCD 02 Japan 2008 Sell This Version
ZIQ240CD Luke Vibert - We Hear You album art Luke Vibert We Hear You (Album) Planet Mu ZIQ240CD UK 2009 Sell This Version
BR513 Luke Vibert - Nuggets - Volume - 3 album art Luke Vibert Nuggets - Volume - 3 (Comp) Lo Recordings BR513 UK 2011 Sell This Version
HYPECD002D Luke Vibert - Ridmik album art Luke Vibert Ridmik (Album) Hypercolour HYPECD002D UK 2014 Sell This Version
MBIP-5561 Luke Vibert - Bizarster album art Luke Vibert Bizarster (Album) Planet Mu MBIP-5561 Japan 2015 Sell This Version
none Luke Vibert - UK Garave Vol. 1 album art Luke Vibert UK Garave Vol. 1 (Album) Hypercolour none UK 2017 Sell This Version
HYPELP008 Luke Vibert - UK Garave Vol. 1 album art Luke Vibert UK Garave Vol. 1(10xFile, FLAC, Album, 24b) Hypercolour HYPELP008 UK 2017
ILA020 Luke Vibert - Valvable album art Luke Vibert Valvable (Album) I Love Acid ILA020 UK 2019 Sell This Version
HYPELP016 Luke Vibert - Modern Rave album art Luke Vibert Modern Rave (Album) Hypercolour HYPELP016 UK 2020 Sell This Version
HYPELP015B Luke Vibert - Amen Andrews album art Luke Vibert Amen Andrews (Album) Hypercolour HYPELP015B UK 2020 Sell This Version
BVSP01 Luke Vibert - Lockdown Breaks album art Luke Vibert Lockdown Breaks Balkan Vinyl BVSP01 UK 2020
HYPELP017 Luke Vibert - Rave Hop album art Luke Vibert Rave Hop (Album) Hypercolour HYPELP017 UK 2020 Sell This Version
HYPELP021D Luke Vibert - GRIT. album art Luke Vibert GRIT. (Album) Hypercolour HYPELP021D UK 2022

Singles & EPs

MW 035 DJ Luke Vibert - A Polished Solid album art Luke Vibert A Polished Solid (Single) Mo Wax MW 035 DJ UK 1996 Sell This Version
MW 071 Luke Vibert - Do Unto Others album art Luke Vibert Do Unto Others (Single, EP) Mo Wax MW 071 UK 1997 Sell This Version
LA25P Luke Vibert - Drum'n'Bass'n'Steel album art Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Drum'n'Bass'n'Steel (EP) Law & Auder LA25P UK 1999 Sell This Version
FRY 093T Luke Vibert - Spring Collection album art Luke Vibert & BJ Cole Luke Vibert & BJ Cole - Spring Collection (Single) Cooking Vinyl FRY 093T UK 2000 Sell This Version
ZIQ016 Luke Vibert - '95 - '99 album art Luke Vibert '95 - '99 (EP) Planet Mu ZIQ016 UK 2000 Sell This Version
ZIQ047 Luke Vibert - Homewerk album art Luke Vibert Homewerk (EP) Planet Mu ZIQ047 UK 2002 Sell This Version

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November 1, 2020
'It's the sound you can't improve'
So much good vibes and lushness, chiselled samples and basslines = )


March 15, 2020
best music in this multiverse cant wait for a new album even if he release a lot, i wish he could make more, lul


January 24, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Love this guy to death. From the Plug days and Wagon Christ days I was groomed to appreciate the simpler and yet complex workouts of what trip hop and breakbeats from a sample juggler could produce. He has a certain playful smartness that many other producers cannot replicate (or try to). And he's RDJ's best Cornwall native bud, how the fuck can you not resist it. Get it all on vinyl when you can still afford it.


April 12, 2019
hey mr. VIBERT.....The downtempo tune ('Get Your Head Down') you created, just rocks.. keep it real, acid orange peel


December 10, 2016
Luke Vibert is THE Acid music master of post 2000 years !


November 23, 2013
edited over 9 years ago
Chuck luke Vibert a standard, heavily used break, say, something revolutionary yet so done its almost become crap, something like 'The Funky Drummer' or 'Amen, Brother', and you'll get something back that sounds like an exciting new universe just imploded from a black hole. This is of course in addition to his endless array of obscure sample selections & a wide plethora of highly select & unusual instrumentation. It will almost certainly be far too good for a wider, more general audience, and so remain nicely out of reach from ruin. This could partially help explain the genius of LV, in his many guises, where he seems to effortlessly better classic tracks of a particular long standing specialist genre with one virgin offering. Utterly brilliant, beyond imaginative and totally resistant to mimics- you can't copy this.


April 29, 2012
edited over 10 years ago
Its always funny when I put on a new Luke Vibert record. I'm by far a tough critic on certain styles and cut up style is definitely one that is hard to impress me on. But as usual with Luke Vibert, I know he can win me over. And he continues to do so whether it be Wagon Christ, Kerrier District, Plug or any other name. Each and every album continues to This guy is a genius. Bar none one of electronic musics' most creative and enduring lesser known figures. He's tackled ambient avante and dub with his early Rising High release and impressed. He's taken on house and acid music with Kerrier District and garnered a new audience. He's championed jungle and Drum n bass with Plug and succeeded. He's most well known under Wagon Christ for creating excellent albums in IDM, trip hop and downtempo as well as techno. He's recently forged a path into hip hop in recent years as well. His style has run the full gamut and back. His creativeness, playfulness and the energy he puts into his music will last generations when all is said and done. I have bought everything since hearing a Tally Ho! Promo by a random chance in late 1997, 15 years ago. Just got my hands on the latest Plug release.

An artist not to be missed. I'm pretty varied on liking different styles. He will get you to like styles that you may not normally like. If that doesn't measure a genius status I don't know what does.
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