Pannage M.T.L

Real Name:George Henry Procoopack

Born: 2.6.1976 in Prague Czech Republic.
Since 2003 he has worked in association named T.L Company, with the youngest member Seider, and another member called S.T.L - Andy. Finally, it is Herri-G.. - remixer his best singles that are still shrouded in mystery...
Pannage creates music and mixes for many years, beginning roughly around 1989. Due to lack of funding, created the first mixes using double casette recorder.. Year 1994 was a watershed, and joined computer. From the first Commodore 128, through Amiga 1200, until today PC, with software MedSounstudio v 2.1.
Pannage still creating original music and mixes. , Wikipedia , Soundcloud , Soundcloud , Soundcloud
Members:Herri-G., Seider


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