Bal-Sagoth was created in the UK in 1989 by Byron Roberts (vocals) but wasn't formed until he met the brothers Chris (guitar) and Johnny (keyboard, drums) Maudling in 1993. Shortly after Jason Porter (bass) and Vincent Crabtree (keyboard) were recruited. In December same year they recorded their first and only demo tape which resulted in a deal with Cacophonous Records. In 1994 they entered Academy Studios and recorded their first full-length album, “A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria", which wasn't released until 1995. Before it was released Vincent Crabtree left the band and was replaced by Leon Forrest. Same year the also played their first gig at the Dublin Castle Festival.

In 1996 they returned to the studio to record their second album, "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" and shortly after the release Jason Porter was forced to leave the band and Alistair Maclatchy was the one who replaced him. More tours followed and in 1998 the third album, "Battle Magic", was released. Before the release Leon Forrest had left the band and Johhny had switched to keyboards instead of drums. Dave Mackintosh (drums) was then brought into the band and Alistair Maclatchy was replaced by Mark Greenwell.

In 1999 they were signed to Nuclear Blast where they released the fourth album, "The Power Cosmic", same year. "Atlantis Ascendant" followed in 2001 and was followed by various tours. In 2004 David Mackintosh left in order to focus on his other band called Dragonforce.


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January 24, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
Yes! All hail Bal Sagoth, the most brilliantly preposterous epic pagan barbarian metal band of all time! These guys make the most excitingly ludicrous music I've ever heard. It's extraordinarily well put together symphonic dungeons'n'dragons voice-over music, yes, black metal for kiddies and their pet dogs to chase dragons round the garden to. A guilty pleasure indeed. It's not known whether the guys in Bal Sagoth take this stuff seriously - their deep interest and constant references to what my mate's girlfriend tells me is the world of fantasy novels suggests they're deadly straight about what they do. Me? I laugh my bollocks off whenever I hear the singer break from larynx-shredding yargh yargh yargh yargh mode and launch into the mellifluous-yet-deeply earnest tones of a freelance turn-of-the-century revivalist preacher to intone phrases like "I shall scatter your atoms to the four cosmic winds!" - but still, Bal Sagoth is a band I return to again and again, ever since I heard John Peel play one of their tracks on his show a few years ago. Simply awesome, and a constant feature of the playlist alongside Aphex Twin and Rolf Harris whenever me and my mates meet up for mushrooms... so much so that instead of greeting each other in the normal fashion we normally come out with a Bal Sagoth line such as "I do not hail to your Roman gods, and you are NOT my emperor!"

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