Hieroglyphic Being SHODAN_2114

November 3, 2016
he's probably released another album by the time I finish writing this comment

Hieroglyphic Being Delectronica

April 8, 2016
When does this guy find time to sleep? bangin music though.

Hieroglyphic Being lauren_diz

June 18, 2015
Opening a moving pathway through the thicket of static to the inky depths of rhythm and the blazing heights of pure noise. And you can dance to it.

Hieroglyphic Being TIM

October 26, 2014
I have been trying to follow Hierogylphic Being since 2004 on Spectral. Key word is trying. How can someone release some 30 full lengths in 8 years? Hard for the completist in me ;).... Having said that there should be some quality control as it's hard to say there is that much great music to release that many. I like Mr. moss but perhaps a less is more approach. Or is the strategy to not have your followers be able to keep up? Not sure I get releasing that much music. 10 albums in one year?? I was at the record store and must have saw 25 different releases. Picked up one. Blindly of course. I probably would have picked up more if there wasn't so many. How about 3 double cdrs in a year? Makes me feel like giving up on following him lol

Hieroglyphic Being adam.ant.9619

November 14, 2015
moan moan moan

Hieroglyphic Being as reviewed by NutritiousJim

November 14, 2004
edited over 16 years ago
Jamal Moss is a name to watch. His sound touches on Detroit, Chicago, IDM and Industrial music. For the head and the more adventurous dancefloor. Also recorded an EP as IBM with Steve Poindexter on Mathematics recordings.

Hieroglyphic Being jorgejcc

October 27, 2015
you visionary :D