Jim Beard

Real Name:James Arthur Beard

(Born August 26, 1960 in Ridley Park, PA, died March 2, 2024 in New York City, NY) was a New York-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He produced and performed with many artists from the NY Jazz scene, including Bill Evans (3), Mike Stern, John Scofield, Eliane Elias, Pat Metheny, Toninho Horta, Dennis Chambers, Jon Herington, Jon Albrinck, Michael ‘Patches’ Stewart. In 1991, he was signed as a solo artist to Creed Taylor's CTI Records label, and released his debut album as a leader, the critically acclaimed Song of the Sun. Jim continued to perform throughout the world and work for many entertainment labels including Verve, Blue Note, Paramount, Sony and many Indie labels. He had been nominated for six Grammys and won one in 2007. , Bandcamp , MySpace , Wikipedia , Imdb ,
In Groups:Bill Evans Group, Chroma (2), Gary Husband's Force Majeure, Ralph Bowen Quintet, Rhythmstick
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