Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra


Orchestra under the leading of Tommy Dorsey, formed in 1935 and disbanded a first time in 1946. By late 1946, the band business was indeed having problems. In December 1946, some members of the band (including Tommy Dorsey) were calling it quits. However, less than two years later, he formed an orchestra with exactly the same name (Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra), but with different members.

Dorsey's orchestra was known primarily for its renderings of ballads at dance tempos, frequently with singers such as Jack Leonard and Frank Sinatra.
Members:Al Klink, Al Stearns, Al Viola, Allan Reuss, Alvin Stoller, Andy Ferretti, Angie Callea, Anita Boyer, Art Tancredi, Arthur Rando, Axel Stordahl, Babe Russin, Ben Heller, Ben Pickering, Bernard Tinterow, Bill Cronk, Bill Ehrenkranz, Bill Graham (4), Bill Schallen, Bill Shine




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