would-be messiahs

would-be messiahs

Real Name:
John Ryan
would-be messiahs is the latest project from former A Red Crescent Sect and Party of God front man, johnny nowhere. After years of DJ’ing, most recently as part of the dub collective, Round I Sound, with former Red Crescent bass player A Milne, nowhere’s love of ambient texture and dub tempo fugues has found an outlet in would-be messiahs. Layered samples underpin incessant static raining affected vocals and found sounds to create soundscapes that are part dub, part late night analog television signal, part self fulfilling neurosis, and part self medicated psychosis.


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Petroglyph345 would-be messiahs two shadows deep(8xFile, MP3, Var) Petroglyph Music Petroglyph345 Norway 2015