Ten Years After


Ten Years After is a British blues and blues rock band that started out as The Jaybirds in the Nottingham area in 1962. Also known as Blues Yard, they signed with manager Chris Wright in November 1966 as Blues Trip, before deciding on Ten Years After, referring to the fact that it was ten years after Elvis Presley's big break in 1956 (Elvis being one of guitar hero Alvin Lee's idols). Their selftitled debut album was released the following year, and they had eight consecutive Top 40 hit albums in the UK. Their first split up came after 11 albums in 1974, but they reunited several times (1983, 1988 and 1999).

Their big break Going Home was originally released in 1968, but it was the live recording of said track that rounded off their classic performance at around 9:15PM at Woodstock on Sunday, Aug. 17, 1969 that hit the charts in 1971. , Facebook , , Wikipedia , Imdb
Aliases:The Jaybirds
Members:Alvin Lee, Chick Churchill, Colin Hodgkinson, Dave Potts, Graham Barnes (3), Joe Gooch, Leo Lyons, Marcus Bonfanti, Nathaniel Peterson, Ric Lee
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