Grindcore band from São Paulo, Brazil. ROT has started in 1990 formed by Mendigo and Marcelo who were already deeply active in the punk and metal underground scene for playing in other bands and projects or making fanzines, trading tapes and keeping in touch with people around the world. The character of the band has developed from this strong involvement in the underground in general, although the band can be hardly fit into metal or punk standards. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , , YouTube
Members:Alexandre Strambio, Babu (5), Claudinei Vieira, Clodoaldo Gradice, Diego Amaro, Eduardo (12), Emiliano Borges, Henrick Magalhães, Jeferson Gonçalves, Júlio, Mané (4), Marcelo Da Silva (3), Marcelo R. Batista, Marcolino (2), Paulo Gomes (11), Paulo Rogério (4), Rafael S. de Oliveira, Ricardo Trassato


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