Kansas (2) Trainheart

July 12, 2018
You are missing the boat if you don't consider Monolith a masterpiece. The 1979 tour was also incredible-they played the entire album and nearly every staple up to this point including a cover of Eleanor Rigby @ the Tulsa Civic Center show.

Trust an old dude who knows.

Kansas (2) rastronomicals

November 11, 2018
The Monolith tour was my first concert . . . I was a young punk of 14, didn't know shit and won't say I did, but what I remember is a tremendous show WITH LASERS, and though I love Leftoverture and Point, I still feel Monolith was not only their last good album, it was the best of them all.

Kansas (2) TheStygianHeresy

December 2, 2017
There is a pre-Kansas 45 rpm / 7" not listed here in Discogs, RateYourMusic, Progarchives, the Wiki article on the band, or in the Kansas fan magazine that was around for about a year sometime in the 90s. The single is by one or two of the original members (not Livgren or Proto-Kaw), issued on a local Kansas (the state) label in the early 70s. When I purchased my copy in the early aughts, it came with a plain 7" sleeve. I can't at present provide more details simply as my collection is in another city; but it does exist; I own a copy; and printed on the label as songwriter(s) are the name(s) of either one or two from the original line-up. I have no need to be the first to list it, nor do I mean to put a cruel teaser out there, just to pique interest in the true fan. Hopefully some other keen collector will come across it -- I'd recommend flipping through 45 bins if you live in the midwest. When I found it on ebay, no one bid against me, to show how unknown it is; so I scored it for about $2. It is of interest to the Kansas collector. Of the two songs, I recall one being an average decent 'just rock' song; and the other a quite good arty rock song that, in retrospect, could easily be seen to be leading up to the Kansas sound on their first album, although not quite on that lofty level. Until I have access to my collection, that's all I recall. I've gone through all the individual original member links here on Discogs, and on RateYourMusic, and it's simply not to be found connected to anything Kansas, but it should be.

Kansas (2) journstyx

April 24, 2018
If you do get access to your collection, please be so kind to inform us. I'd be really interested to know which tracks they are and which line-up may have been involved!

Kansas (2) matslars

August 20, 2015
First five??? Monolith is a masterpiece!

Kansas (2) Professor_Lerxst

June 21, 2020
I agree and A Glimpse of Home and Away From You are incredible and very underrated Kansas songs.

Kansas (2) TheStygianHeresy

December 2, 2017
Hi fives to you, matslars, for your comment on Kansas' sixth. I agree!

Kansas (2) Innkeeper215

December 12, 2014
Hi Ebryoyo: I agree that their first five are timeless. They were incredible seeing live with Steve Walsh's energy and tight, faithful renderings of their songs. I would go so far as to say that through 1979s Monolith, they were fantastic. I think when the 80s came around and guitar driven rock music faded and keyboards and synthesizers were in (a time the music was truly dead, in my opinion), Kansas and many bands of that time just went commercial and sucked. Just my thoughts.

Kansas (2) Embryoyo

October 25, 2013
edited over 7 years ago
Kansas' first 5 releases are timeless in my book!
Concerning their first 5 albums released on CD - does anyone know if any of these were released on CD format prior to their reissues with bonus tracks? Along with no information being available under the album pages on Discogs regarding any kind of pre-90's/00's CD release, I've combed all the used CD stores in my city & can't find any that were released prior to 2000, although I have found plenty from other more popular bands of the time - CCR's original Fantasty remaster CDs, for example, and the first CD releases of earlier Rush records. I ask because as a collector AND music fan, I prefer to have the earliest possible release on CD!
Please send me a message if you can provide me with any information! Thanks!

Kansas (2) Ecubyan

March 28, 2017
I am sure that by now 4 years after your post, you have acquired the original CDs from 1989/90 which included all up and including Monolith and Greatest Hits. and in 1992 The Audio Visions and both of Elefante's albums were issued on a budget Series! Cheers!

Kansas (2) tdcrjeff

August 2, 2016
Yes, though not all of the first five. I definitely recall Masque not being available, or maybe being available but only in print for a short time. The early pressings are listed here on the discogs pages, they just don't have dates. Look for the Kirshner releases, for example Lefoverture is Kirshner ZK 34224 fro 1989 or so.