Queensrÿche started as The Mob in 1981, by guitarist Michael Wilton, drummer Scott Rockenfield, guitarist Chris DeGarmo and bassist Eddie Jackson. Without a singer, they recruited Geoff Tate to sing for them at a local rock festival. At the time, Tate was in another band called Babylon. After Babylon broke up, Tate performed a few shows with The Mob, but left the group. In 1981, The Mob put together sufficient funds to record a demo tape. Once again they asked Tate, who was in another band Myth (10), to do the vocals and they recorded four songs “Queen of the Reich”, “Nightrider”, “Blinded”, and “The Lady Wore Black”.

As the name “The Mob” was not available, they decided to name the band Queensryche after the first song on their demo tape, “Queen of the Reich”. In 1983, Queensryche released their demo tape as a self-titled EP "Queensryche". After the EP garnered international praise, receiving much airplay and selling an unusual amount of copies for a small independent release, Tate agreed to leave Myth and become Queensrÿche’s permanent lead singer.

With the 1st full-length album "The Warning" in 1984 and their follow-up album "Rage For Order" in 1986, Queensryche continued to prove their worldwide dominance as one of the most respected and creative bands of the 80's. The band received worldwide acclaim after the album "Operation: Mindcrime" in 1988, which is often considered one of the greatest concept albums of all time. The follow-up album in 1990 "Empire" was also very successful and included the hit single "Silent Lucidity". The band has received three Grammy Award nominations for songs off both albums; Rockenfield also received a Grammy nomination outside of Queensrÿche.

In 1997, guitarist and primary songwriter Chris DeGarmo left the band for personal reasons. Over the years, his replacements have been Kelly Gray, Mike Stone, and Parker Lundgren, respectively.

In a band meeting on April 12, 2012, which Tate did not attend, the band members discussed outsourcing the fanclub and merchandising, resulting in the firing of Tate’s stepdaughter, Miranda, from running the band’s fan club. Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson also fired the band manager, Susan Tate, because of ongoing “arguments and division” over decisions and “feelings that Susan Tate was not working on the behalf of the band as a whole.” On April 14, 2012, before the soundcheck for a show at the HSBC Arena in São Paulo, Brazil, Tate inquired with Wilton, Rockenfield, and Jackson why they had fired his wife and stepdaughter, and the other band members asked Tate questions about the deal with Zoetifex Studios.
Following that São Paulo incident, Tate was fired from the band and replaced with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre.

On June 12, Tate and his wife filed a lawsuit in a Seattle court against his former bandmates, claiming that he was illegally fired from the band. They also sought a preliminary injunction to prevent both the plaintiffs and the defendants from using the Queensrÿche name. On July 13, 2012, the Washington state superior court defeated this motion, as well as a motion for a preliminary summary judgment filed by the defendants. The court ruled that both parties may use the brand Queensrÿche until the next court date. As a result of the judge’s preliminary verdict, there are currently two versions of Queensrÿche until the court date or a settlement will determine who may officially own the name and imagery.
Geoff Tate fronted version of Queensrÿche (2) released their album Frequency Unknown on 23 April 2013.

It was revealed to the public on April 28, 2014 that Rockenfield, Wilton and Jackson were given the exclusive rights to the Queensrÿche trademark and that Tate received the rights to Operation: Mindcrime (which has to this date made 2 albums).

Queensryche, the lineup comprised of Todd La Torre, Michael Wilton, Parker Lundgren, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield released their new self-titled album on 24 June 2013. “Queensryche” album sold around 13,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 23 on The Billboard 200 chart.


- Queensrÿche -  King Biscuit Flower Hour. October 30, 1983 album art Ronnie James Dio, Queensrÿche Ronnie James Dio, Queensrÿche - King Biscuit Flower Hour. October 30, 1983(2xLP, Transcription) DIR Radio Network - US 1983 Sell This Version
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Queensrÿche - Condition Hüman album art Queensrÿche Condition Hüman (Album) Century Media Europe 2015 Sell This Version
Queensrÿche - The Verdict album art Queensrÿche The Verdict (Album) Century Media Europe 2019 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche album art Queensrÿche Queensrÿche (EP, MiniAlbum) 206 Records (2) US 1982 Sell This Version
none Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche album art Queensrÿche Queensrÿche(Cass, S/Sided, EP) Not On Label (Queensrÿche Self-Released) none US 1982 Sell This Version
Queensrÿche - Queen Of The Reich album art Queensrÿche Queen Of The Reich (Single) EMI America US 1983 Sell This Version
Queensrÿche - Take Hold Of The Flame album art Queensrÿche Take Hold Of The Flame (Single) EMI America Spain 1984 Sell This Version

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January 9, 2018
edited over 2 years ago
There was once a time when Queensryche was a PERFECT BALANCE of talents. Geoff Tate and his HISTORICAL voice; Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton as masters of twins guitars and MUSICAL compositions; Rockenfield and Jackson (also Wilton) who's give BALLS and GOD TASTE to the overall music.
Queensryche whithout ANY of his talents is an absolutely forgettable bunch of musicians.


April 14, 2017
edited over 3 years ago
Their HM days were up to Empire only, these last releases (anything without Tate doesn't count in my world since he is the Q sound) are in the line of a heavier U2

Gin and Tonic needs both G & T which in this case means Geoff Tate which I always since the first EP considered metals #1 singer

Hoping for a reunion also with DeGarmo since he was the one behind the best songs with GT which one of the good songs on Dedicated to Chaos might describe "Big Noize"
the last song on that album and the hitherto last Q song, a band with an original lineup surviving for many years... Well all - DeGarmo, might again be + DeGarmo&Tate once more


November 2, 2015
edited over 5 years ago
Missing digital singles of "Welcome to the Machine" and "Get Started", both available on iTunes.

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