No Limits (7)

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No Limits
The history of NO LIMITS began at the end of 1990, when mates Enzo & Matjaz decided to form a band . At the time the band was called MENTAL AFFLICTION and it was a five piece group , including : Enzo (vocals), Matjaz (ex-Salem, drums), Pasko (ex-Salem,bass), Valko (ex-Alcoholica, guitar) and Bostjan (ex-Radical Vomitator, guitar). They played their first show in April '91, in the hometown club MKC as the opening act for an italian band RITMO TRIBALE. In the first half of '91, the band recorded the song BEERMANIA in the studio of a hometown radio station, which became pretty popular with the home audience. It was very hard to categorize the band because they played a lot of styles in their music (hardcore, trashmetal, deathmetal, jazzfunk ...). Due to that and frequent misunderstandings of the name ("Metal" Affliction instead of "Mental" Affliction), they changed the name to NO LIMITS at the end of '91. Soon after that, Valko left the band and since then No Limits have been a four piece band. Almost at the same time they lost the practice room and it took a little less than a year to find a goodhearted guy called Ivancek, who gave them a new room in which they've played until 2003. The first demo tape is entitled simply "OUR LITTLE WOODEN HOUSE" and was recorded in March '93 on a four track in the practice place. Despite gigging regularly, disharmony hit the band and at the end of '94, Pasko left. Soon after, a replacement was found ( the young but talented Evgen ) but Bostjan had to do National Service and '95 was almost wasted. After Bostjan's comeback, No Limits initiated Evgen and composed new songs, which are not as "breaking" in their structure as before. However, they were more defined, although you could still hear ultrafast hardcore, trashmetal, grindcore, ska, hip hop, melodic punk...songs at their shows. While they were planning to record new songs, once again the army struck and Evgen had to do military service. So the songs became old and the will to record disappeared. In order not to let the songs drown in oblivion, Enzo decided to publish live material. A one-hour long tape with the title "JURASSIC PUNK" was out in May 98'. This tape was also completely homemade and published according to demand (this was pure D.I.Y.). In June 2000 Evgen left the band, so once again they had no bass player. On 30th of April 2001 they organized a 10th anniversary party in a small pub called Kantina, where they played a little bit with Pasko, a little bit with Evgen, with both of them and without them. After that party Pasko decided to help them with the recording of the remaining songs, but that's another story... Part two: On 03.03.03' they selfreleased their longawaited first full length studio recording a cd entitled "WWW.BORBA.NON-STOP". In autumn 2004 Bostjan didn't want to be part of the band anymore, so that was the hardest period for No Limits. A young guitar player Konki from another city came in, and the band spent almost a year rehearsing with him. When they played the first concert wit him in honour of their very good lost friend Teodora, Bostjan came for that occasion and after the show they found that nice feeling of being together again. They were a five piece band until their 15th birthday, that day Konki played his last show with No Limits because of his departure from Koper and full devotion to his ska bend Los Nipples. Just weeks before that, Pasko and the rest of the band split ways and here comes Evgen again to hit the bass. In short, No Limits have now the same line up as it in years 95-2000. After a mini tour in Czech republik, Germany in Austria, No Limits had some really good shows and right now they rehearse and prepare material for the new album. In 2010 Dexter join the band on the bass. In spring 2013 a tribute cd to Ratos de Porao came out in Brasil called Ratomaniax, No Limits contributed a song O Sistema Me Engoliu and in the last days of May their long awaited new album came out, entitled "HARDCORE". The album got very good reviews in the slovenian music press and No Limits are promoting it since then. Since they began, No Limits have played hundreds of shows in front of one to one thousand people, with bands such as: Ratos de Porao, Agnostic Front, Biohazard, Brujeria, Total Chaos, M.D.C., Municipal Waste, Logical Nonsense , Molotov Cocktail, Acao Direta, Oi Polloi, Final Warning, Dirt, Inkisicao, Linea 77, Claustrofobia, Those Who Survived The Plague, Forehead, Partiya, K.B.O., Cripple Bastards, This Side Up, Ritmo Tribale, Deafness By Noise, Kud Idijoti, Let 3 ..... Their lyrics deal with racism, fascism, A.I.D.S., drugs, alcohol, working class, animal rights, church, wars, politics, different youth, friends, tattoo's, economic and ecologic crisis, everyday-life stories, the meaning of life, self irony & funny stories and more. The music has also changed with the years, so today No Limits sound more powerful, fast, direct and driving. In your face !! ... The band split up after 25 years on 20th May 2016.



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