Sure Shot

Real Name:
Mark Anthony Duffus
Sure Shot is a descendant of the family of drummers from Jamaica, the son of an old respected music Reggae DJ from Jamaica who worked from Florida and Atlanta Georgia spending most of his young life buying Reggae, Doo Wop & Soul to assist his sound system in Jamaica in the 50's to the 1980's in England.

The young Sure Shot's turned to the drums, D-Jaying with his father and radio drama when he was 13. Sure Shot has been a drummer in a funk & rock band in his early teens. He has managed to have worked with many reputable musicians including what he would call the ones who inspired him the most which includes Afrika Bambaataa, Joyce Sims and Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MC's, Dawn Penn, Glen Goldsmith, Fonda Rae, Us3, Urban Species and many more.
It was Giles Peterson of Radio One who introduced Sure Shot to Mintos of The Urban Species in the mid 90's.

Sure Shot started to get requests from bands and artists all over the world asking for assistance with their productions. This meant that the Blak Prophetz was somewhat put on hold for a short period so that Sure Shot could complete his productions and projects. DJ Sure Shot has worked with/collaborated with Ced Gee (Ultramagnetic MC's), DJ Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers) and Afrika Bambaataa.

In 2011 Sure Shot's work was submitted for Grammy entry nomination. The nominated work is that of the band namely The Soul Garden now called Funk Division, Grammy entree for nomination for 'the Best RnB Song' which Sure Shot Produced and collaborated in.
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