Group from Kerch. Formed 21 August in 2011 year.

Leleka 7 degree - guitars, vocal, backing voice
Alex Vacatko - bass, voice
Indigo Ruban - drums, percussion
Rebecca Doctrino - keyboards, organ, saxophone, vocal
Olesya Doctrino - noise piano, pipe, voice

Alex Gorr - guitars, vocals
Rebecca Doctrino - keyboards, organ, saxophone, vocals
Olesya Doctrino - noise piano, pipe, voice
Wi Fi Roсkfeler - bass
Tsar Yama - drums, percussion

Rebecca Doctrino - guitars, keyboards, organ, saxophone, vocals
Olesya Doctrino - bass, piano, pipe, voice
Gloria Suppit - drums, percussion

Alex Gorr (2014) - guitars
Amper Alex Nico - bass, vocals, voice
Indigo Ruban - drums, percussion
Rebecca Doctrino - keyboards, organ, saxophone, vocals
Olesya Doctrino - noise piano, pipe, voice
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ASCD0110 Vril-Orden - Churchkhela album art Vril-Orden Churchkhela(CD, Album) Arisk Star Company Ltd. ASCD0110 Greece 2016 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

ASCD0057 Vril-Orden - Vril-Orden album art Vril-orden Vril-Orden(CD, Single) Arisk Star Company Ltd. ASCD0057 Ukraine 2011 Sell This Version
ASCD0061 Vril-Orden - Night Of The Long Knives album art Thule-Orden / Vril-Orden Thule-Orden / Vril-Orden - Night Of The Long Knives(CD, EP, Spl) Arisk Star Company Ltd. ASCD0061 Greece 2012 Sell This Version
ASCD0059 Vril-Orden - Struggle With Extraterrestrial Civilizations album art Vril-Orden Struggle With Extraterrestrial Civilizations(CD, EP) Arisk Star Company Ltd. ASCD0059 Ukraine 2012 Sell This Version

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February 20, 2015
The group was founded Mitchel Leleka (Steppen Mack) and Amper Nico (Astika & Swastika, Steppen Mack).in 2011, in the city of Kerch (Crimea, Ukraine) in March 2014, the group moved to Greece, Athens. From the old structure remained only sister Doctrine.
In the initial composition of the team includes three performers from the group Steppen Mack.
Mitchel Leleka 7 degree(2011-2014): guitars,vocal,backing voice
Alex Vacatko: bass,voice
I. Ruban: drums,percussion
also the group consisted of sisters
Rebecca Doctrino: keyboards,organ,saxophone,vocal
Olesya Doctrino: noise piano,pipe,voice. Producer: Amper Nico.In summer 2011 in Kerch city beach accidentally met Amper Nico and Mitchell lelek, remembered the old days when they played together, Amps bass, and Mitchell on rhythm guitar, the band Steppen Mack. Here on this meeting happened future group formation Vril-Orden. From Steppen Mack entered three: Mitchell lelek - guitar, Alex Vakata - bass (after leaving the group Amper Nico) he took his place, and Indigo Ruban. Amps was the producer group. Also in the team included certance sister Doctrine, Rebecca and Olesya.
At the first rehearsal of the team immediately determined the direction and alloy sound, because the old crew played their instruments (70 years) and younger participants on new instruments. The first track was named in honor of his group vril-Order. The song turned out a La the seventies in modern processing. Exactly, this song is further helped the team become the best band of 2011 on the music label Arisk Star.
In late 2011 the band released on Cypriot label Arisk Star Company Ltd.(General Director of the label Amper Nico) his first single "Vril-Orden".
2012 the group began with the release of EP "Struggle With Eztraterrestrial Civilizations" on the same label. The disk was still designed in the style a La the seventies in modern processing. The band's style from experimental rock to mix noise with ambient.
Soon another high professional team (Thule-Orden) suggested that valovcin to release a joint split. The proposal was accepted. Sister Doctrine was also spotted in recording another EP "Capitan Gothia", group Astika & Swastika. Especially the twins did well when writing the future of the hit group "Kafa". Alloy male Mature professionalism and explosive girlish youth make this band truly extraordinary. The title of the best band of 2011 (on the label Arisk Star Company Ltd.) assigned to the staff of the Vril-Orden. April 24, 2014 permanently changed the composition of the group. Left Alex Vacatko and Indigo Ruban, they focused on one group - Steppen Mack. Moreover, the group changed its place of residence, moving from Kerch in Athens. The group came the Greeks: drummer Tsar Yama (ex.Tsar Yama; group Amper Nico) and bass player Wi Fi Roсkfeler from the group Baron 3De Rothschild. 1 January 2015 the group has again continued to decline Alex Gorr and Tsar Yama moved into a new team Zoran Leleka Rock Group, and Wi-Fi returned back to their home group. The team came up with only one new Gloria. So, the group began in 2015 female.


March 17, 2014
on March, 16, 2014 a group declared the disintegration.

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