The Prisoners


British 1960s garage/mod/R'n'B-inspired band formed in early 1980 in Chatham, Kent, England as a three-piece. James Taylor joined early 1982 after he saw The Prisoners for the first time around Christmas 1981. Signed to Countdown (an offshot / subsidiary of Stiff Records) in the second half of 1985, but later decided to disband in 1986 following the parent label's bankruptcy. Last gig before several re-unions in the 1990's was on 18th September 1986. In late 2022 the band did 4 shows in Rochester (another Medway town) to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of 'A Taste Of Pink!'.

Line-up was Graham Day (guitar, vocals), James Taylor (hammond organ), Alan Crockford (bass), and Johnny Symons (drums).

Following the band's demise, James Taylor and Alan Crockford went on to form The James Taylor Quartet.

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Members:Allan Crockford, Graham Day, James Taylor, Johnny Symons
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