Death metal band from Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands, founded in 1986. Originally, a thrash metal laden band until around 1988. Changed direction to death metal, prior to the release of their 1989 sophomore release "Consuming Impulse". They broke up some time in the mid-1990's, though they reformed around 2008. Later and modern releases possess a more progressive death metal edge sound mixed with jazz fusion elements. , Facebook , X , MySpace , Instagram , Soundcloud , Bandcamp , Wikipedia
Members:Călin Paraschiv, David Haley, Georg Maier (5), Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Joost van der Graaf, Marco Foddis, Martin Van Drunen, Michiel Van Der Plicht, Nick Sagias, Patrick Mameli, Patrick Uterwijk, Peter Wildoer, Randy Meinhard, Rutger Van Noordenburg, Septimiu Hărșan, Tilen Hudrap, Tony Choy, Yuma van Eekelen


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