Grave (2)


A death metal band from Visby, Sweden, active since 1988. Later relocated to Stockholm.

The group was initially founded in 1984 as Rising Power and changed name frequently during its formative years (was known as Destroyer, Anguish and Corpse) before settling on the name Grave in 1988.

Current line-up:
Ola Lindgren: guitars, vocals (1986–present)
Tobias Cristiansson: bass guitar (2010–present)
Mika Lagrén: guitar (2011-present)
Tomas Lagrén: drums (2018-present) , Facebook , MySpace , Reverb , X , YouTube , Wikipedia
Aliases:Corpse (6), Putrefaction
Members:Fredrik Isaksson, Jensa Paulsson, Jonas Torndal, Jörgen Sandström, Magnus Martinsson, Mika Lagrén, Ola Lindgren (2), Pelle Ekegren, Ronnie Bergerståhl, Tobias Cristiansson, Tomas Lagrén




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