Swedish Death Metallers Unleashed was formed in 1989 by Johnny Hedlund (vocals, bass) and Robert Sennebäck (vocals, guitar). Sennebäck soon left the following year and then Fredrik "Fredda" Lindgren (guitar), Anders Schultz (drums) and Tomas Olsson (guitar) joined the band and then they recorded the demos, "Utter Dark" and "Revenge", same year. The 7" EP "And the Laughter Has Died..." was released in 1991 along with the debut album, "Where No Life Dwells". "Shadows in the Deep" followed in 1992 and "Across the Open Sea" came in 1993.

A live album, "Live In Vienna '93", came in 1994 and "Victory" followed in 1995 where Lindgren also left the band. Another live album, "Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland", was released in 1996 and then "Warrior" came in 1997. In 2001 Fredrik Folkare (guitar) joined the band and then "Hell's Unleashed" was released in 2002. In 2003 a box-set, "...And We Shall Triumph In Victory" was released and in 2004 "Sworn Allegiance" came. , Bandcamp , Facebook , YouTube , X , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Anders Schultz, Fredrik Folkare, Fredrik Lindgren, Johnny Hedlund, Robert Sennebäck, Tomas Masgard, Tomas Olsson (4)


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