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British-Australian soft rock duo that was formed in 1975 and is still actively performing to the present day. Its members are Graham Russell from the United Kingdom and Russell Hitchcock from Australia. They are best known for their hit soft rock ballads such as "All Out of Love", "The One That You Love", "Lost in Love", "Every Woman in the World", "Here I Am", "Sweet Dreams", "Even the Nights Are Better", "Young Love", "Two Less Lonely People in the World", "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" and "Just as I Am", among others. Inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame 2013. , Facebook , Facebook , , Instagram , Lastfm , , MySpace , , Wikipedia , YouTube
Members:Alan Kendall, Brenton White, Chrissie Hammond, Christopher Pellani, Criston Barker, David Green (7), David moyse, Don Cromwell, Frank Esler-Smith, George Terry, Graham Russell (2), Guy Allison, Harold Cowart, Janet Robin, Jed Moss, Jeremy Paul (3), Jimmy Haun, Joey Carbone, Joey Murcia, Ken Rarick
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