Vomitory was formed in Sweden in 1989 by Urban Gustafsson (guitar), Ronnie Olson (bass), and Tobias Gustafsson (drums). In 1990, they played their first gig in their hometown of Forshaga. After the gig, Ronnie decided to concentrate on vocals, so Bengt Sund joined the band on bass. Bengt's friend Ulf Dalegren joined the band on guitar in 1991, and the band was now ready to record some material.

In 1992, they released their first demo, which got them in contact with Witchhunt Records. This led to the release of the 7" single, "Moribund". Shortly after, Bengt Sund was asked to leave, before being replaced by Thomas Bergqvist. Labels had begun showing interest, so the band recorded a five track promo CD in the hopes of getting a record deal, but nothing happened. In 1994, they released the demo "Through Sepulchral Shadows", and in 1995 they went on a small, but successful tour through Poland.

In 1996, they inked a deal with Fadeless Records and released their debut album, "Raped in Their Own Blood". Following the release of the album, both Thomas and Ronnie left the band and were replaced by Erik Rundqvist (bass) and Jussi Linna (vocals). "Redemption" followed in 1999, along with two European tours, a split 7" EP with Murder Corporation, and the 10" LP entitled "Anniversary Picture Disc". In 2000, the band signed to Metal Blade Records and released their third album, "Revelation Nausea". However, prior to recording the album, Jussi Linna had left the group. Thus, Erik Rundqvist handled both vocal and bass duties.

"Blood Rapture" was released in 2002, and was followed by their fifth album "Primal Massacre" in 2004. Guitarist Ulf Dalegren departed in 2005, with Peter Östlund stepping in shortly after. With this lineup, the band released "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" in 2007, "Carnage Euphoria" in 2009 and "Opus Mortis VIII" in 2011.

In February 2013, the band announced that they were disbanding, playing their final show on December 27, 2013. In 2017, the band reunited for one show to honor an old friend. On March 23, 2018, Vomitory officially reunited to celebrate 30 years since the band's formation. , Facebook , MySpace , Instagram , Soundcloud
Members:Bengt Sund, Erik Rundqvist, Jussi Linna, Peter Östlund, Ronnie Olson (2), Thomas Bergqvist (2), Tobias Gustafsson, Ulf Dalegren, Urban Gustafsson




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